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Fine Primitive Standing Horse
H 28 in. W 36 in. D 8.5 in.
Robert Young Antiques
Fine Early 19th Century Rococo Revival Console Table
H 37.5 in. W 4 ft. 5 in. D 26.5 in.
John Bly
Occasional Table by Anthony Redmile, 1970s
H 26.38 in. W 31.89 in. D 31.89 in.
Themes and Variations
Wonderful Large Scale Model Ship
H 4 ft. 3 in. W 8 ft. 1 in. D 25 in.
John Bly
16th Century Style Tournament or Jousting Defence
H 14.96 in. W 18.5 in. D 8.66 in.
Jonny Williamson
18th Century Toile Peinte after Hubert Robert
H 8 ft. 10.3 in. W 6 ft. 6.7 in.
Hornet Mascot
H 3.74 in. W 7.68 in.
Hickmet Fine Arts
Victorian Cast Iron Hall Stand
H 7 ft. 4.2 in. W 4 ft. 4.2 in. D 16.93 in.
Coffee Table in Resin and Metal by Philippe Barbier
H 13.78 in. W 5 ft. 5.7 in. D 25.2 in.
Caira Mandaglio - UK
Campaign Whatnot
H 33.5 in. W 27 in. D 20 in.
Christopher Clarke Antiques Ltd
Late 19th Century Birdcage
H 4 ft. 3.2 in. W 4 ft. 0.4 in. D 24.41 in.
Table by Etienne Allemeersch
H 15.35 in. W 39.37 in. D 31.5 in.
88 Gallery
H 5.12 in. W 11.81 in.
Hickmet Fine Arts
Stilux Floor Light
H 5 ft. 7.3 in. W 19.69 in. D 10.63 in.
Francesca Martire
Martin Brothers Jardiniere
H 6.5 in. W 8.25 in.
AD Antiques
Giant Flick Knife
H 5 ft. W 5.5 in. D 4 in.
Pullman Gallery
Pair of Hump Back Sofas
H 38.98 in. W 6 ft. 4.8 in. D 31.5 in.
19th Century Nest of Tables
H 27.75 in. W 19.5 in. D 13.5 in.
Reindeer Antiques
Bronze Cat Bookends
H 7.87 in. W 2.76 in. D 5.91 in.
Pullman Gallery
Louis XV Style Pentagonal Lantern
H 37.4 in. Dm 22.44 in.
Julia Boston
Les Bijoux de Perles
H 18.5 in. W 13.39 in.
Hickmet Fine Arts
Two Volumes on Lotz (Loetz) Glass
H 11.75 in. W 9 in. D 2.5 in.
Potterton Books
Antique Regency Mahogany Baby Pembroke Table
H 29 in. W 15.5 in. D 21.5 in.
S & S Timms Antiques Ltd.
Art Deco Shagreen Box
H 2 in. W 6 in. D 4 in.
Hampton Antiques
Massive Royal Navy Submarine Depth Gauge
H 13.78 in. W 13.78 in. D 3.54 in.
Jonny Williamson
Victorian Leather Cigar Protector
H 6 in. W 3.25 in. D 1.5 in.
Floor Lamp by Stilnovo
H 5 ft. 3 in. W 44.88 in.
88 Gallery
Pair of Armchairs in the Style of ico Parisi
H 34.25 in. W 35.04 in. D 33.46 in.
88 Gallery
Antique Louis XVI Carrara Marble Chimneypiece
H 45.4 in. W 5 ft. 1.4 in. D 15.75 in.
Jamb Ltd.
19th Century French Console Table
H 31.89 in. W 5 ft. 1 in. D 28.35 in.
Stylish Pair of C19th Italian Walnut Console Tables
H 34.5 in. W 4 ft. 2.5 in. D 22 in.
Gary Wright Antiques LTD
Wirework Birdcage
H 41.14 in. W 29.53 in. D 19.69 in.
A Set of Four Japanese Paintings
H 33.86 in. W 14.17 in.
Christopher Clarke Antiques Ltd
Silver Dressing Box
H 8 in. W 13 in. D 10 in.
Hampton Antiques
Antique Regency Period Statuary Marble Fireplace Mantel
H 4 ft. 2.8 in. W 5 ft. 8.5 in. D 10 in.
Jamb Ltd.
Table by Roberto Mango
H 18.11 in. Dm 18.11 in.
88 Gallery
Bust of Napoleon
H 23.62 in. W 14.17 in.
Drew Pritchard
Antique Jewellery Box
H 5 in. W 12 in. D 9 in.
Hampton Antiques
Set of Four NV108 Chairs by Finn Juhl
H 29.13 in. W 20.08 in. D 21.65 in.
Antique Pair of Coasters by Paul Storr
H 1.97 in. W 2.76 in. D 2.76 in.
Regent Antiques
Magnificent George III Period Three Pillar Dining Table
H 29 in. W 9 ft. 7.5 in. D 4 ft. 1.5 in.
John Bly
Antique Early 19th Century English Fireplace Mantel, circa 1840
H 5 ft. 2.3 in. W 6 ft. 8.5 in. D 9.75 in.
Jamb Ltd.
Sterling Silver Hipflask by Gorham
H 6 in. W 3.5 in. D 1.5 in.
Pullman Gallery
Silver Cigar Box
H 2.5 in. W 9 in. D 5.5 in.
Hampton Antiques
Antique Campaign Chest by Ross of Dublin
H 44 in. W 39 in. D 19.25 in.
Christopher Clarke Antiques Ltd
Rosewood Cabinet
H 41 in. W 33.5 in. D 15 in.
Westenholz Antiques
World War II Military Binoculars
W 14.5 in. D 16.25 in.
Matthew Burt Screen
H 7 ft. 5 in. W 10 ft. 11.1 in. D 3.15 in.
Jean-Marc Chaillet - 'Porsche Carrera RS’
H 11 in. W 26.5 in. D 0.5 in.
Pullman Gallery
Stunning Late 19th Century French Chandelier
H 4 ft. 3.2 in. W 36.22 in. D 36.22 in.
H 24.41 in.
Hickmet Fine Arts
A 20th Century Iron Bench With Frosted Glass Seat
H 18.11 in. W 13.39 in. D 7 ft. 5 in.
Architectural Heritage
Martin Brothers Vase
H 12 in. W 8.5 in.
AD Antiques
Antique Art Deco Burr Walnut Dining Table
H 29.53 in. W 6 ft. D 36.22 in.
Regent Antiques
Octagonal Occasional Table
H 24 in. Dm 24 in.
Westenholz Antiques
Bristol Car Mascot
H 3.5 in. W 7 in. D 6 in.
Pullman Gallery
Unusual Pair of Faux Pophyry Flat Back Urns
H 15.5 in. W 11.5 in. D 5 in.
Gary Wright Antiques LTD
Exceptional Wall Mounted Cabinet by Paolo Buffa
H 26.77 in. W 10 ft. 2 in. D 18.5 in.
Caira Mandaglio - UK
Gio Ponti - The Complete Work
H 11.25 in. W 10 in. D 1.25 in.
Potterton Books
Oak Octagonal Table
H 28.75 in. W 23 in. D 23 in.
Westenholz Antiques
The Feather Gown
H 16.93 in.
Hickmet Fine Arts
Cognac Leather Grand Prix Chair by Arne Jacobsen
H 29.92 in. W 18.11 in. D 19.69 in.
Lovely Set of Six Modernist Dining Chairs
H 30.71 in. W 18.5 in. D 19.88 in.
Superb George III Period Chest of Drawers
H 33 in. W 36 in. D 18.5 in.
John Bly
Table Lamp
H 22 in. Dm 15 in.
Robert Dickson and Lesley Rendall