HISTORY OF OLYMPIAN PATTERN from "Tiffany Silver Flatware 1845-1905 When Dining Was an Art"

By Dr. William P. Hood, pages 210-217

“The style is Academic Beaux-Arts. The patent application credits Edward C. Moore, but there is good reason to believe F. Antoine Heller also contributed. The pattern was first introduced at the Expositiion Universelle, Paris, 1878. Olympian is a multi-motif pattern with seventeen (17) different handle decorations depicting subjects and stories from classical mythology. The motif varies with whether a piece has a flat or hollow handle.

Each design is elaborate, and though sharply carved, can be seen to best advantage when the background is oxidized, as are all pieces offered in this listing. On the obverse of each piece, the design covers the entire handle and has an unusual horizontal orientation.

Although the concept of seventeen (17) different handle designs in one flatware service was original, the idea of depicting a finely detailed scene horizontally over the entire flatware handle just as if it were a frieze was not.”

If you would like a copy of the pages from the Hood book relavant to the Olympian pattern, please email your request with your name and mailing address. Also, we are currently filling in the place pieces that may be missing; rest assured, 12 place settings of each is possible and will be available.

a fine circa 1900 sterling silver flatware set by Tiffany of New York, in the Olympian pattern. Weightable silver 310 oz. The list of the 238 place pieces and the monograms are listed below. Marked as illustrated in photo; approximately 90% of set has 'HCB' monogram.

12 Dinner knives, Hollow Handle, Silverplate Blades, 10 1/4 inches, HCB monogram $195

12 Luncheon knives, Hollow Handle, Silverplate Blades, 9 1/4 inches, HCB monogram

12 Dinner Forks, 7 7/8 inches, HCB monogram, 36 oz $185

12 Luncheon Forks, 7 inches, 11 HCB monogram, 1 No Monogram 26 oz $165

11 Breakfast Knives, Hollow Handle, Silverplate Blades, 7 5/8 inches, HCB Monogram

12 Tablespoons, 8 5/8 inches, HCB monogram, 36 oz

12 Dessert Spoons, 7 1/8 inches, HCB monogram, 24 oz $199

12 Teaspoons, 6 inches, HCB monogram, 18 oz $150

12 Flat Handle Butter Knives, Solid Silver, 5 7/8 inches, HCB monogram 9 oz $100

12 Fish Knives, Sterling Silver Blades, HCB monogram 20 oz

11 Fish Forks, 6 7/8 inches, HCB monogram 20 oz

12 Fruit Knives, Sterling & Serrated Blades, HCB monogram 16 oz $279

12 Citrus Spoons, 5 3/4 inches, HCB monogram 18 oz $180

12 Seafood/Oyster Forks, 6 1/4 inches, HCB monogram 12 oz

12 Ice Cream Spoons, 5 3/4 inches, K monogram 13 oz $200

12 Three Tine Pastry Forks, 6 7/8 inches, K monogram 18 oz

12 Four Tine Pastry Forks, 6 1/8 inches, K monogram 14 oz

11 Bouillon Spoons, 5 3/8 inches, HCB monogram 12oz $195

7 Ice Cream Forks, 5 7/8 inches, No Mono, 10oz $195

6 Five O'Clock Spoons, 4 7/8 inches, No Mono, 4 oz

7 Demitasse Spoons, 4 1/8 icnhes, 6 HCB Mono, 1 No Mono 4 oz