Laura Hodges Studio

Hodges is known for comfortable, approachable interiors, sustainably designed, that balance color and light and are punctuated with global touches.

All photos by Helen Norman

This tiny room in a Baltimore penthouse is just the sanctuary 2020 called for. In the hands of Laura Hodges Studio, a confined space becomes an intimate and personal one, where a few favorite books can be settled on a bedside table from Century Furniture and a suitcase stored under the bespoke built-in bed. The walls, covered in a hand-dyed burlap, reward the touch and take on the role of a horizon line for those looking to escape into another world. According to Hodges, clients are seeking change in all sorts of directions these days. “They’re gravitating toward reducing their carbon footprint. Smaller spaces that still feel luxurious are becoming more popular.” We can see why.

“The combination of the wallpaper and built-in bed makes what was once a very small, dark room feel like a special moment in the residence and one in which both guests and the homeowners love to stay.”

Design philosophy?

“I believe that beautiful spaces welcome us, surprise us with their thoughtful details and support a more balanced life. A well-designed home can be a sanctuary.”

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