Redd Kaihoi

Miles Redd’s glamorous, carefully modulated flamboyance combines with David Kaihoi’s artist’s eye to produce highly imaginative rooms that never bore and where neutral is a bad word.

All photos by Trevor Tondro, Howard Christian styling

The chocolate-box richness that defines an interior by Miles Redd — and now, by the partnership of Redd Kaihoi — is always harmonic, perfectly balancing hand-picked ingredients. In this living room of a Greek Revival farmhouse in Bellville, Texas, intended for friends and family but also as a quiet getaway, old-world elements like chinoiserie lanterns and floral-covered slipper chairs seem newly fresh and tastier, somehow, inside their bright white box. Redd calls the color choice “current,” but it’s of a piece with the larger whole. When asked to name his favorite design move in a room filled with dramatic gestures, he cites “the striped pagoda tent above the bar. It just says, Let’s get this party started.” Can we come too?

“The large, carved-wood ornamental deer above the sofa makes me laugh,” says Miles Redd. “It lends West Texas a vaguely Tyrolean vibe.”

Key design move?

“I love the way the reverse-painted Chinese lanterns play with the stripes and floral print and the pale pink curtains. A little chinoiserie in a room adds so much flair.”

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