Robert Couturier Inc.

Accustomed to working on a grand scale, Couturier spices his extensive knowledge of historical Continental styles with wit and effortless élan, making every project feel chic, regardless of its size.

All photos courtesy of Robert Couturier Inc.

A scholar as much as a stylist, Robert Couturier is the man to see for interiors grounded in history — and the erudite interests of his clients. In a Central Park West building designed by Deco-era architect Irwin S. Chanin, Couturier celebrates decorative arts from the late Art Nouveau and Deco periods in a hushed dining room where a sideboard by Dominique, chairs attributed to the same designer and Swedish silver lamps intermingle. But Couturier is no bookish fossil; his favorite elements here are the custom silver and resin panels from Based Upon, a London interdisciplinary studio. The exquisite pieces are made “using new technologies,” he explains, noting, “The dialogue is about craftsmanship.”

“Some of the pieces are Art Deco, some are current, and the architecture is a current interpretation of Art Deco. Jumping between these periods makes the room feel timeless.”

Design philosophy?

“Our design philosophy has always been client-driven. We listen to them, and it’s what they like. We’re creating comfortable interiors for the client because we’re not imposing designs onto them.”

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