Studio Shamshiri

This studio, run by Pamela and Ramin Shamshiri, takes a highly individualized approach to projects, but they all display a passion for quality archetypal furnishings and sustainability that makes each iconic in its own right.

All photos by Stephen Kent Johnson, styled by Michael Reynolds

“They’re wonderful, joyful, happy, creative people,” says Pam Shamshiri, describing the clients who inhabit this new house, on which the studio collaborated with architects Marmol Radziner, in one of L.A.’s boskier canyons. “We really wanted the home to embody that same spirit.” Through one-on-one partnerships, she’s done that and more. George Nakashima’s daughter, Mira, provided the custom table and Conoid chairs in the dining room, positioned beneath a unique pendant lamp by designer Giancarlo Valle; a painterly carpet designed by Josef Herman for Christopher Farr bounces sunlight into the room even on cloudy days (and echoes the color of the integral cement counter in the nearby kitchen). For Shamshiri, warm modernism is not a closed book — rather, it’s the ongoing story that L.A. is telling to the world, house by house.

“I love every aspect of this room, from the Mira Nakashima dining table and Conoid chairs to the chandelier we worked on with Studio Giancarlo Valle to the Christopher Farr rug,” says Pam Shamshiri. “Each piece brings something uniquely refined, but also fun, to the room.”

Design philosophy?

“Our design is always rooted in history, diving deep into archives to give life to history while designing for the future. That said, the last year’s complete change in our way of life has made what we do even more meaningful. We are designing our way through this, creating spaces for people to inhabit, to make memories in, to teach, to learn, to feel safe, to call home — it’s a new way of thinking, of designing.”

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