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19th Century Still-life Sculptures

Lovely Alabaster Figure of Woman with Pedestal by Giuseppe Bessi
Lovely Alabaster Figure of Woman with Pedestal ...
Giuseppe Bessi
19th Century Rococo Still-life Sculptures
Lovely Alabaster figure of a woman with detachable pedestal by Giuseppe Bessi. Giuseppe (Professor) Bessi was an Italian sculptor famed for his lifelike busts and sculptures, such a...
Dourushi-Kin Shakamuni Buddha
Dourushi-Kin Shakamuni Buddha
Katchu Shi
Early 19th Century Figurative Sculptures
Iron, Gold
Privately collected from Japan, this cast iron statue dates back to the Edo period of Japan. The Dourushi-Kin Shakamuni Buddha is currently within the Ellsworth collection of Japane...
Pair of Italian carved marble fruit baskets
Pair of Italian carved marble fruit baskets
Late 19th Century Naturalistic Still-life Sculptures
Pair of Italian finely carved marble fruit baskets, late 19th/early 20th c., the white marble carved as woven baskets piled with fruit. These decorative sculptures were most probably...
La Sortie de l'eglise
La Sortie de l'eglise
Eugene-Antoine Aizelin
19th Century Still-life Sculptures
This virtuous young woman, who is "leaving church" following mass, gazes modestly from beneath a beautifully woven silk head scarf. The detailing of her bodice further enhances this...
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