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Amy Pleasant

As They Touch, Edition 1 of 12
Located in New York, NY
, exhausted by the anxiety of the unknown.” - Amy Pleasant As They Touch looks down on a pair of legs, one

2010s Contemporary Figurative Prints


India Ink, Acrylic

Rules and Regulations, Painting, Acrylic on Canvas
By Amy Bernays
Located in Yardley, PA
painted over the top of his pirate ships. I added a rather attractive fence. It is a pleasant blue

2010s Contemporary Paintings



Recent Sales

A Crown of Carrots
By Amy Sullivan
Located in Charlotte, NC
pleasant aura and resembling, as the title suggests, a crown of carrots. Layers and layers of oil pastels

21st Century and Contemporary Figurative Paintings


Oil Pastel, Wax, Oil, Acrylic, Board

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