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Iron Framed Heraldic Window "Macy"
Most likely of European origin, this iron framed window was mortared into place when it was salvaged from its original location. The design features a hand-painted heraldic crest bea...

Early 20th Century Windows



  • Iron Framed Heraldic Window "Macy"
  • Iron Framed Heraldic Window "Macy"
  • Iron Framed Heraldic Window "Macy"
  • Iron Framed Heraldic Window "Macy"
H 42.25 in. W 30.5 in. D 1 in.
Emile Galle Faience Heraldic Peacock Platter, circa 1890
By Emile Gallé
Located in Dallas, TX
A mint condition Faience Galle hand-painted vide poche or platter with a beautiful peacock, a heraldic armored helmet, a bee insect and flowering vines in blues and gold. Rarely do y...

Antique 1890s French Art Nouveau Delft and Faience



Antique Flemish Heraldic Tapestry of a Spanish Nobel Admiral
By J.V. Borght, A Castro
Located in New York, NY
Rare and Beautiful Large Antique Flemish Heraldic Tapestry, Country of Origin: Belgium, Circa Date: 17th century. Size: 11 ft 10 in x 13 ft 3 in (3.61 m x 4.04 m) Here we see a gran...

Antique 17th Century Belgian Victorian Tapestries



Life-Size Bronze Statue Sculpture Middle Ages Knight in Armor, a Pair
Handsome pair of monumental bronze statues or sculptures featuring antique knights. Signature not readable on the base of one piece. Impressively detailed design, each knight has hel...

20th Century French Figurative Sculptures


Bronze, Metal

17th Century Italian Curved Mirror, Carved and Gilt wood Frame, Baroque period
A majestic Baroque period Italian carved wood frame with curved mirror plate. Most likely to have be designed and made to contain an heraldic coat of arms. The "St Mark's Lion" abo...

Antique 1670s Italian Baroque Wall Mirrors


Giltwood, Mirror

Portrait Painting of a Nobleman, the Netherlands, circa 1760
Exceptional quality oil on canvas portrait painting of a bewigged Dutch statesman in armour having architectural background of ancestral seat with heraldic crest at lower left. Later...

Antique Mid-18th Century Dutch Baroque Paintings


Paint, Canvas, Wood

19th Century Regency Old Sheffield Silver Plated Tray with Cavendo Tutus Crest
This is a magnificent and very large antique Regency English Old Sheffield silver plated tray, circa 1820 in date. This Old Sheffield tray is of rectangular shape and features a dee...

Antique 1820s English Regency Sheffield and Silverplate


Sheffield Plate

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