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Meiji Lacquer Collectibles

Japanese Bamboo and Lacquer Hall Stand, 19th Century Meiji Period, Large Scale
An impressive example of authentic Japanese bamboo furniture from the Meiji period. A Fine large hall stand with coat and hat hooks, central mirror, key shelf, lacquer panels and rar...

Antique 1890s Japanese Meiji Coat Racks and Stands


Bamboo, Mirror, Lacquer

Shibayama Inlaid & Carved Folding Screen, "Eagles", Japan, Meiji Era, circa 1890
Folding screen / room divider. In carved, inlaid and lacquered wood. Carved with birds and foliage. The central panels are inlaid on one side, on the theme of birds of prey / ra...

Antique 1890s Japanese Meiji Screens and Room Dividers


Bone, Wood, Wood

Folding Carved Wood Antique Japanese Shibayama Screen from the Meiji Period
This large Japanese folding screen exhibits highly impressive Shibayama work, carved with inlays of precious materials in high relief. The two panel folding screen depicting scene...

Early 20th Century Japanese Meiji Screens and Room Dividers


Bone, Mother-of-Pearl, Wood, Lacquer

Large Japanese Black Lacquer Dowry Trunk, Nagamochi
Made for a member of the Japanese Imperial Family, as indicated by the sixteen petal chrysanthemum which appears in several elements of the relief carved shakudo and gold metal work ...

Antique Late 19th Century Japanese Meiji Trunks and Luggage



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