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Vintage Choker Gold Metal

Vintage Faux Jewel Gold Metal Choker Necklace 1990s
Located in West Palm Beach, FL
Vintage faux jewel chunky gold metal choker necklace from the 1990s. Well made costume jewel necklace with three cabochon of faux sapphire, emerald and ruby with crystal rhinestones....

20th Century Choker Necklaces

Satin Gold Plated Metal with Rhinstone Reticulated Collar Necklace Vintage
Located in North Miami, FL
This stunning collar necklace looks real! Costume jewelry at it's best. It fits beautifully on the neck and looks regal and elegant. It has good weight to it.The reticulated links ar...

Vintage 1950s Modern Choker Necklaces


Gold Plate

Vintage necklace, amber colored rhinestones 1940s gold plated
Located in Stuttgart, DE
A very early necklace with large amber colored cut rhinestones. 3 identical stones are still attached. Unfortunately without a signature, this is a symbol for the period around 1940 ...

Vintage 1950s Modern Choker Necklaces


Crystal, Amber, Base Metal, Gold Plate

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Vintage Choker Gold Metal For Sale on 1stDibs

You are likely to find exactly the vintage choker gold metal you’re looking for on 1stDibs, as there is a broad range for sale. Each design created in this style — which was crafted with great care and often made from Base Metal, Gold and Gold Plate — can elevate any look. Making the right choice when shopping for a vintage choker gold metal may mean carefully reviewing examples of this item dating from different eras — you can find an early iteration of this piece from the 20th Century and a newer version made as recently as the 20th Century, both of which have proven very popular over the years. There have been many well-made iterations of the classic vintage choker gold metal over the years, but those made by Chanel, Givenchy and Marina B are often thought to be among the most beautiful. Take a look at a vintage choker gold metal featuring Amber from our inventory today to add the perfect touch to your look. Today, if you’re looking for a marquise cut version of this piece and are unable to find the perfect match, our selection also includes round cut alternatives.

How Much is a Vintage Choker Gold Metal?

Prices for a vintage choker gold metal can differ depending upon size, time period and other attributes — at 1stDibs, these accessories begin at $175 and can go as high as $19,900, while this accessory, on average, fetches $598.

Finding the Right Choker Necklaces for You

Vintage choker necklaces are elegant, alluring and stylish. Cameos, pearls, diamonds and other stones can decorate these necklaces, which come in single or multiple strands. Whether it is a statement piece or a delicate chain, these short necklaces always stand out and turn heads.

The history of the choker can be traced back thousands of years, with Sumerian examples discovered from 2600–2500 B.C. They endured as a popular form of adornment through the centuries, and during the French Revolution they took on a symbolic significance. Women wore ribbons around their throats to mark the passing of those killed by the guillotine. Soon, the plain ribbons were adorned with small cameos and other ornamentation.

European choker necklaces gained a salacious reputation in the 19th century when prostitutes were associated with black ribbons tied around the neck, such as the model in Édouard Manet’s Olympia (1863). Queen Alexandra, Princess of Wales, reversed the trend in the late 19th century by wearing a large pearl and diamond choker, reputedly to hide a scar.

Fashioned from gold, pearls and other precious stones and metals, chokers continued to be worn into the 20th century, alternately statements of wealth and rebellion. They experienced periods of revival in the 1920s, ’40s, ’70s and ’90s for both men and women.

Vintage chokers make a statement with an unmistakable air of femininity. On 1stDibs, find an alluring collection of vintage chokers today, including gold, sapphire and emerald chokers.