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The Vogue Italia Collection of Tagua Jewelry
The core message of this year’s edition of the U.S. Protagonists — the annual Vogue Italia and Vogue Gioiello program that highlights the best in contemporary American jewelry-making — is that beauty, elegance and superlative quality can go hand in hand with eco-consciousness and humanitarian practices. Call it mindful luxury. To cast light on the devastation that the ivory trade has had on elephant populations, 12 fine jewelry designers have been called upon to create striking pieces out of the tagua nut, a botanical alternative to ivory. The highly covetable designs are featured in the September issue of Vogue Italia and can be purchased online below. Twenty percent of the sales proceeds will go to the Mount Kenya Trust, an organization instrumental in elephant habitat conservation. Read more about these tagua jewelers on our blog. Photo courtesy of Alexandra Mor, all rights reserved by Russell Starr