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In a 341 square foot apartment packed with fine antique picture frames in New York's West Village, Heather Karlie Fine Art was founded in 2002. Reaching out to Manhattan's Upper East Side galleries, I soon found myself schlepping armfuls of frames on the subway uptown. Yes, I started my business with a MetroCard. Pablo Picasso is quoted as saying "inspiration exists, but it has to find you working". These years in New York City, saw me start another business as well. 20th Century by HKFA is for and about all those crazy things I like to buy. Fine items with character, tradition and provenance. These pieces are the foundation of every classic interior. These are the pieces that you'll bequeath to your heirs and they'll sell at auction for an incredible return. Start them ... Learn More
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Dimensions: W 10 ft. L 14 ft.
Dealer Location: New York, NY
Materials & Techniques: Wool
Vintage Room Size Carpet, Concepts International C...
Concepts International
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