Lawson-Fenning Moroccan and North African Rugs

About Lawson-Fenning
Lawson-Fenning is a true California brand. Our vintage-modern furniture and home goods translate the raw natural beauty of Southern California—the desert, the beach, the mountains—with a contemporary vernacular rooted in mid-century lines. We began our exploration when we were furniture design students at ArtCenter College in the late 1990s. Pasadena was a welcoming place: the area’s appreciation for a contemporary golden age of design and craft had been on point ever since Eudorah Moore’s 1960s/1970s California Design exhibitions; the vast Rose Bowl flea market still felt like undiscovered territory for 20th-century design pickers; and square footage for creatives wasn’t exorbitant. We took a studio space in Old Town Pasadena as our workshop, mostly to make new furniture, tinker and reimagine vintage pieces. To our surprise, people walked in off the street and purchased them. The store we called Rm.107 evolved, almost by accident. We’ve been in business ever since. Glenn Lawson + Grant Fenning = Lawson-Fenning.
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