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Sam Kaufman has been selling fine and idiosyncratic 20th-century objects since he opened his Los Angeles store, back in the 20th century. The collection defies easy categorization, but every piece meets three criteria Sam personally values in applied art: playfulness, craftsmanship, and historical significance. The core of the gallery's collection is ceramics and furniture of the post-war period, especially pieces from Italy, France, and Scandinavia. These are augmented by ethnographic artifacts and the odd eccentric antique; things that complement the best work of the middle of the last century. Sam sees his enterprise as a salon for enthusiasts, and his job as a kind of cross between curator and emcee. The gallery caters to a wide spectrum of customers, from a connoisseur searching for an elusive piece to complete a collection, to an interior designer looking for an unusual lounge chair for a client’s screening room, or anybody shopping for a special gift. Born in New York City, Sam has nurtured an interest in architecture and design since he was awarded a Bronze Medal in the 1968 Jones Beach Sand Castle Building Contest. He went on to receive his BA in Semiotics at Brown University, and an MFA at the University of Southern California. Discounts are offered to customers who can sing any Francoise Hardy song acapella. .
Dresser by Marvin Drandell

Dresser by Marvin Drandell

By Marvin Drandell
Dresser by Marvin Drandell
Marvin Drandell
1990s American Modern Dressers
Aluminum, Maple, Steel
Marvin Drandell is a Los Angeles-based designer and maker of bespoke furniture. Trained as a scientist, and long employed as a development engineer at a famous laboratory, Drandell t...
15th Century Mahasiddha
15th Century Mahasiddha
Antique 18th Century and Earlier Tibetan Tibetan Sculptures
Ormolu, Silver
An early and very fine gilt bronze representation of Dombi-Heruka, one of 84 Mahasiddhas (great beings) held in reverence by Tibetan Buddhists. Mahasiddhas were believed to have been...
Enameled Steel Club Chair
Enameled Steel Club Chair
Norman Bel Geddes
Vintage 1930s American Streamlined Moderne Club Chairs
Velvet, Upholstery, Steel
A characterful club chair made of enameled steel, with velvet upholstery, in the streamline Modern style. Attributed to the seminal American industrial designer Norman Bel Geddes, wh...
"Le Village" Ceramic Mural by Roger Capron
"Le Village" Ceramic Mural by Roger Capron
Roger Capron
Vintage 1960s French Mid-Century Modern Decorative Art
A very charming, stylized depiction of a village in Provence. Characteristically, Capron hints at both medieval art and post-war modern graphics, along with a healthy dose of folk. G...
Modernist Rocking Horse from Denmark
Modernist Rocking Horse from Denmark
Vintage 1950s Danish Scandinavian Modern Toys and Dolls
Rope, Pine
A wonderful modernist interpretation of the Classic children's riding toy. The artisan who made it is unknown, but it was originally sold at Den Permanente ("The Permanent"), the leg...
Drawing by Wilhelm Kage

Drawing by Wilhelm Kage

By Wilhelm Kåge
Drawing by Wilhelm Kage
Wilhelm Kåge
Vintage 1940s Swedish Scandinavian Modern Drawings
This study of nudes, an original drawing in pen and ink and wash, was completed by Kage in 1945. Though best known as one of Sweden's greatest ceramists, Wilhelm Kage (1889-1960) beg...
Rare Coffee Table by Roger Capron
Rare Coffee Table by Roger Capron
Roger Capron
Vintage 1970s French Modern Coffee and Cocktail Tables
This exquisite table attracts the eye as much for its Perriandesque form and construction as it does for the beautifully realized artwork which triumphantly decorates the top. This w...
Llama by Barney Reid
Llama by Barney Reid
Barney Reid
Vintage 1940s American Sculptures
Ceramic, Stoneware
Barney Reid was a highly original and versatile artist/designer and early member of post-war San Diego's important Allied Craftsmen group. Reid's studio produced a fantastic variety ...
"Teddy Roosevelt" Japanese Marionette Head, circa 1906
"Teddy Roosevelt" Japanese Marionette Head, cir...
Early 20th Century Japanese Meiji Sculptures
Wood, Brass
Originally part of a satirical but oddly expressive marionette puppet representing U.S. President Teddy Roosevelt. An important foreign figure to the Japanese in the first years of t...
Four Iron Pulls by Louis Sullivan
Four Iron Pulls by Louis Sullivan
Louis Sullivan
Antique 1890s American Modern Architectural Elements
These four pulls, made of bronzed iron, were originally affixed to window sashes in the Chicago Stock Exchange, an important milestone in the early development of modernist architect...
Centerpiece or Wall-Plaque by Antonio Prieto
Centerpiece or Wall-Plaque by Antonio Prieto
Antonio Prieto
Vintage 1960s American Modern Contemporary Art
California studio potter and influential teacher Antonio Prieto was a master of experimentation, while also always remaining faithful to the obligation to history that ceramics-makin...
Studio Vase by Stig Lindberg
Studio Vase by Stig Lindberg
Stig Lindberg
Vintage 1960s Swedish Scandinavian Modern Vases
The centaur was Stig Lindberg's favorite mythological figure, one he returned to in his work repeatedly. The surface of this unique studio vase, which was made in 1961, is decorated ...
French "Prouvésque" Metal Table with Compass Legs
Jean Prouvé
Vintage 1950s French Modern Side Tables
This French console table is an elaborate and expressive steel structure exquisitely made from folded and welded steel, mostly of triangular section. Which invites a comparison with ...
Double Column Table Lamp by Georges Pelletier
Georges Pelletier
Vintage 1970s French Candle Holders
Made by French ceramist Georges Pelletier in the early 1970s, the two columns of this wild ceramic sculpture each conceal a candle. The flickering light of the candles escapes from t...
1940 Table Lamp by Axel Salto
Axel Salto
Vintage 1940s Danish Scandinavian Modern Table Lamps
A gorgeous blanc de chine table lamp modelled in Salto's signature "budding style". Also displays beautifully as a tall vase. Made in 1940. Signed "Salto".
Leather Elephant by Deru
Vintage 1960s German Modern Animal Sculptures
Brass, Leather
A half-century ago, a German company called Deru made beautifully crafted figures of various animals with an imaginative, origami-like technique of crimping, cutting, folding, sewing...
Tall Sculpture by Jan De Swart
Jan De Swart
Vintage 1960s American Modern Sculptures
A large biomorphic sculpture in jelutong wood, which for decades guarded the entrance to Allegro, artist Jan De Swart's magical house in the hills of Eagle Rock, California. It was p...
Cabinet and Desk by Jan De Swart
Jan De Swart
Vintage 1960s American Modern Cabinets
Sculptor/engineer/teacher/non-conformist Jan De Swart, Dutch emigre and fascinating exponent of the optimistic Southern California modernist aesthetic, was an artist no less idiosync...
"The Snake Priest" by Charles M. Russell
Charles Marion Russell
Early 20th Century American Sculptures
Bronze, Marble
Charles M. Russell (1864-1926) and Frederic Remington (1861-1909) were the two leading artists to portray the American West. The affluent Remington studied art at Yale and, though he...
Trompe L'oeil Umbrella Stand by Piero Fornasetti
Vintage 1950s Italian Mid-Century Modern Umbrella Stands
A trompe l'oeil group of classical vases decorates the outer surface of a chic and practical umbrella stand. Designed by Fornasetti in the early 1950s, this example was made more rec...
"Steel Frame" Sofa by George Nelson
Herman Miller, George Nelson
Vintage 1950s American Mid-Century Modern Sofas
Steel, Laminate, PVC
A modular two-place sofa, with an integrated coffee table, from George Nelson's "Steel Frame" collection, made by Herman Miller. The three modules can be reconfigured to suit one's n...

Enamel by Studio Del Campo

By Studio Del Campo
Enamel by Studio Del Campo
Studio Del Campo
Vintage 1960s Italian Mid-Century Modern Decorative Art
This beautiful platter / wall-plaque -- depicting two figures carrying foodstuffs to market, accompanied by a ravenous wolf-like creature -- was made in the early 1960s at the Del Ca...
Pair of French, 1950s Candlesticks
Vintage 1950s French Modern Candle Holders
We found these unsigned ceramic candlesticks in Normandy. The sublime gunmetal black matte glaze and fantastic stylized "surreal Baroque" form point to Georges Jouve as an inspiratio...
Sculptural Bowl/Wall-Plaque by Stig Lindberg
Stig Lindberg
Vintage 1960s Swedish Scandinavian Modern Decorative Bowls
A unique, massive (very heavy) stoneware bowl with a marvelous, typically Lindbergian figure -- a ball of a head, lightly bearded and weeping from both eyes. Stig Lindberg's incise...
"Capitello" Chairs by Studio 65
Piero Gilardi
Vintage 1970s Italian Modern Lounge Chairs
The "Capitello" became an international cult object in 1972 with the landmark MOMA exhibition, "Italy : The New Domestic Landscape". An early peek at what would come to be called Pos...
Ceramic Sculpture by Ugo Lucerni
Ugo Lucerni
Vintage 1950s Italian Modern Wall-mounted Sculptures
The best piece by this very idiosyncratic artist that I have seen in many years. Ugo Lucerni (Italian, 1900-1989) was something of a 20th century Andrea della Robbia. This girl, with...
Rare Dining Table by Vico Magistretti
Vico Magistretti
Vintage 1970s Italian Modern Dining Room Tables
Beech, Steel, Brass, Laminate
This rare table was part of an imaginative collection of furniture (the "Broomstick" series) designed in the late 1970s by the great Vico Magistretti for Alias, an Italian manufactur...
Sterling Silver Hair Comb Sculpture by Art Smith
Art Smith
Vintage 1950s American Modern Sculptures
Sterling Silver
This silver hair pin also happens to be a beautiful abstract sculpture which hints at being a female figure. When not in use atop your head, it can be displayed on its bespoke plinth...

Vase by Ulisse Pagliari

By Ulisse Pagliari
Vase by Ulisse Pagliari
Ulisse Pagliari
Vintage 1950s Italian Vases
A wide vase of elliptical section, decorated with a wonderfully stylized townscape that wraps around the vessel. Signed [U. Pagliari / Made in Italy].
"Soleil" Table by Roger Capron and Jean Derval
Roger Capron, Jean Derval
Vintage 1970s French Modern Side Tables
Earthenware, Steel
Made during the early 1970s, when the two great Vallauris ceramics returned to collaboration. The table's ceramic top comprises five panels, with impressed decoration. The central pa...

Walnut End Table by Billy Haines

By William Billy Haines
Walnut End Table by Billy Haines
William Billy Haines
Vintage 1940s American Hollywood Regency End Tables
Made in 1942, this two-tier, lacquered walnut end table is handsome and substantial. It was originally owned by Joel Schiller, a Hollywood production designer who was friends with Bi...
Original "Cutaway" Drawing of the Lotus 20 Raci...
Brian Hatton
Vintage 1960s English Sporting Art Drawings
Brian Hatton's painstaking "cutaway" drawings won him acclaim as one of Britain's great technical artists. This meticulously detailed pen and ink drawing (on illustration board) of t...
Acid-Etched and Oxidized Brass Panel by Bernhar...
Bernhard Rohne
Vintage 1970s Canadian Mid-Century Modern Paintings
Bernhard Rohne, a German-born artist active in Canada since the 1960s, evolved a singular calligraphic style which depended heavily on his unusual technique: Rohne painted with acid ...
Jugendstil Chair by Richard Riemerschmid
Richard Riemerschmid
Antique Early 1900s German Jugendstil Side Chairs
Brass, Upholstery, Hardwood
The architect Richard Riemerschmid was a leading exponent of the Munich Seccession and designed many varied objects whose influence was felt internationally. His style was characteri...
Large Wall-Plaque / Charger by Marcello Fantoni
Marcello Fantoni
Vintage 1950s Italian Mid-Century Modern Decorative Art
Depicting the chance encounter of two quasi-cubist knights on horseback, this large wall-plaque by the famous Florentine ceramist can also serve as a charger or centerpiece.
Photograph by Dimitri Kessel
Dmitri Kessel
Vintage 1940s American Modern Photography
Silver Gelatin
Dimitri Kessel (American, 1902-1995) shot this dramatic photograph on the banks of the Yangtze river as part of a photo essay for Life Magazine in 1946. It is a gelatin silver print,...
"The Forbidden Fruit" Sculpture by Jan De Swart
Jan De Swart
Vintage 1960s American Modern Sculptures
Sculptor/engineer/teacher/non-conformist Jan De Swart, fascinating exponent of the optimistic Southern California modernist aesthetic, was an artist no less idiosyncratic than the sc...
Danish 1960s Rya Rug by Ege
Ege Rya
Vintage 1960s Danish Mid-Century Modern Russian and Scandinavian Rugs
The Rya is a type of Scandinavian rug with roots in the 15th century, which like so many other colorful folk arts, enjoyed renewed interest in the middle of the 20th century. The Ege...
"Le Coq" Sculpture by Roger Capron
Roger Capron
Vintage 1950s French Modern Animal Sculptures
A highly stylized figure of a rooster by the great French ceramist, Roger Capron. Marvelous reduction and development of the familiar forms that make up the body of a rooster. One is...
Pair of Olive Ash Burl Wood Side Tables by Pace
Pace Collection
Vintage 1970s American Side Tables
Ash, Stainless Steel, Steel
These two tables are covered in gorgeous olive ash burl, with bookmatched veneers. The Pace Collection of the 1970s specialized in offering stylish and extremely luxurious furniture ...
Maquette for Fountain by Jean Derval
Vintage 1960s French Modern Architectural Models
This small maquette was made by Jean Derval as a study for a fountain. As a young man, Derval was Picasso's assistant in ceramic-making, and was throughout his career a central figur...
Pair of Work Stools by Cor Alons
Cor Alons
Vintage 1950s Dutch Modern Stools
Plywood, Rubber, Steel
Cor Alons (Dutch, 1892-1967) was a versatile designer / artist / professor who worked in every medium imaginable. This pair of stools was made in the Netherlands by Oostwoud, the com...
Tall Bottle-Form Vase by Stig Lindberg
Stig Lindberg
Vintage 1960s Swedish Scandinavian Modern Vases
This stoneware vase was made by Stig Lindberg in 1960, when he was at the very height of his powers. The tall bottle form is decorated with the incised marks so characteristic of Sti...
"Poliedra" Lamp by Felice Ragazzo
Vintage 1960s Italian Table Lamps
Chrome, Steel
The "Poliedra" lamp, designed by Felice Ragazzo in 1969 for D.H. Guzzini, and exhibited in 1970 at Milan's Eurodomus 3 show, was an audacious modular lighting system in which the use...
Portrait of Picasso in His Studio by Richard Ham
Richard Hambleton
Vintage 1940s American Photography
Silver Gelatin
In December 1944, Richard Ham was a U.S. Army photographer, who photographed the world's greatest living artist in his studio. So soon after the liberation of Paris, the room was ver...
Bowl with Chicken
Roger Capron
Vintage 1950s Italian Mid-Century Modern Decorative Bowls
Exactly like a late 1950s Roger Capron piece, in technique and materials, but signed "Raymor Italy", this beautiful bowl is a bit of a mystery. It is possible that Capron produced (o...
Wall Sculpture by Jan De Swart, Late 1960s
Jan De Swart
Vintage 1960s American Wall-mounted Sculptures
Jan De Swart's technique for making aluminium sculpture was both innovative and perilous. He would carve a form in the negative in two blocks of wood, press them together to create a...
"Water Games" Vase by Edvin Öhrström
Edvin Öhrström
Vintage 1950s Swedish Scandinavian Modern Vases
This is the finest piece of glass I have ever offered. "Vatten Lek" (Water Games), an extraordinary piece by Edvin Öhrström, is decorated with dancing surrealistic figures created ma...
Faience Decanter by Stig Lindberg
Stig Lindberg
Vintage 1940s Swedish Scandinavian Modern Barware
While the form of this decanter will be familiar to collectors of Stig Lindberg's influential line of late 1940s faiences, the painted glaze decoration on this particular piece, by S...
Photograph by Julius Shulman
Julius Shulman
Vintage 1960s American Modern Photography
The Jonas Salk Institute, in La Jolla, California, was designed in 1960 by Louis Kahn. Julius Shulman's haunting image of this great building is given a considerable sense of narrati...
Table Sculpture by Ambrogio Pozzi
Ambrogio Pozzi
Vintage 1960s Italian Modern Sculptures
Made up of four ceramic pieces. Re-configurable. Rare. Can also be used as a novel candy or nut dish.
"Pregnant Picture" by Max Walter Svanberg
Max Walter Svanberg
Vintage 1930s Swedish Drawings
Pencil, Paper
A beautiful drawing by Sweden's leading exponent of surrealism, the painter Max Walter Svanberg (1912 - 1994). Signed by the artist.<br /> <br /> The artwork itself measures 13.5 i...
Menagerie by Stig Lindberg
Stig Lindberg
Vintage 1950s Swedish Scandinavian Modern Animal Sculptures
In the 1950s, Stig Lindberg designed a menagerie of stylized animals to be made in stoneware by Gustavsberg. Some were played with by children as toys, while others were displayed as...
Uncut Lithographed Sheet of Italian Playing Cards
Alessandro Viassone
Vintage 1950s Italian Archaistic Prints
The typology of Italian playing cards is fascinating, with regional gaming traditions resulting in a wide variety of designs, even today. This old lithographed sheet, printed on heav...
Ceramic Figure by Helena Samohelová
Helena Samohelová
Vintage 1960s Czech Sculptures
Helena Samohelová is a fascinating ceramist from Prague with a strongly individual style. Since the 1960s (when this piece was made) she has enjoyed acclaim at international ceramics...
Oil Painting by Harry Waldow
Harry Waldow
Vintage 1950s Paintings
Oil, Canvas
Harry Waldow (1887 - 1969) was born in America to a British father and a Mexican mother, and spent most of his career in Europe. At times Surrealist, at others Symbolist, his work ha...
Oak Vase by Rude Osolnik
Rude Osolnik
Vintage 1960s American Mid-Century Modern Vases
This solid oak vase was handmade by Rude Osolnik, the Mid-Century master of woodturning. Osolnik's work is held in many important collections, and a piece of his was even presented t...
"Europa Riding the Bull," Two Drawings by Jean ...
Jean Derval
Late 20th Century French Modern Drawings
A pair of drawings with a design for a ceramic mosaic by Jean Derval (French, 1925 - 2010). The second drawing, shown in images 7 through 10, is a more technical drawing created a fe...
Original "Cutaway" Drawing of the Lotus 23 Raci...
Vintage 1960s English Modern Drawings
This beautiful pen and ink &quot;cutaway&quot; drawing of the Lotus 23 sports racing car is the actual, original artwork by Cliff Marks that was published in the venerable British ca...
Original "Cutaway" Drawing of the Lotus 30 Raci...
Brian Hatton
Vintage 1960s English Sporting Art Drawings
Brian Hatton's painstaking cutaway drawings won him acclaim as one of Britain's great technical artists. This meticulously detailed pen and ink drawing (on illustration board) of the...