Since 1996 Thomas K. Libby has been a trusted source for outstanding antique and vintage ceramics and lamps by dealers, designers, and collectors alike. Thomas K. Libby learned the art of ceramics restoration as a teenager under the tutelage of his godfather, the scion of an Armenian family of craftsmen who built a reputation restoring mosaics and murals in Eastern Europe. Entrusted with the most delicate treasures of some of the best collections in the country, Mr. Libby developed an appreciation born of intimate observation and handling of these rarefied objects. Thomas K. Libby has focused this understanding and appreciation of processes and craftsmanship on the hand made ceramics of the 20th century. As an early proponent of Awaji pottery, Chinese monochromes, Southern (American) pottery, and midcentury French and Italian pottery the shop has been at the forefront of developing trends in ceramics collecting for the last twenty years. Mr. Libby is credited with bringing the virtues of Awaji Pottery to the attention of the ceramics world a decade ago and maintains the largest inventory of this extraordinary pottery in the country.
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