Kamini Ezralow defines the description of a global interior designer. Her roots are in India and South Africa, but she grew up in Hong Kong where she was educated at the German school, and travelled widely with her family as a child. She spent a year in Paris and attended University and Design school in London, eventually setting up design practices both in Hong Kong and LA. She is now based once again in London, which offers perfect access to her clients in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the United States. Ezralow Design was set up in 2009. Recent and current projects include residences in London, Switzerland, Dubai and Riyadh; as well as Superyacht design and a boutique hotel in Europe.
In 2013 the Bronze furniture collection was launched in Milan, to instant plaudits. It is a Studio that is rooted in respect for the client and architectural setting (be it on land or water), with a design ethos that expresses much of what underpins Eastern philosophy in the context of interior space. As Kamini explains, “Design is not just about environment. It is about in-vironment – the way the flow and energy of a room can make you feel”. Aesthetics, craftsmanship, quality and understated elegance are all hallmarks of Kamini’s work. It is not uncommon for more than 95% of the items Kamini installs to be bespoke and custom manufactured. As a designer, Kamini considers one of her biggest compliments that her clients are not only happy with the design but that they feel at home the moment they move in. Her clients return to her, trusting both her unerring eye for detail and the emphasis she puts on their very special relationship. She says, “The essence of what I do has never really changed from when I first started. I see my role as creating homes that have a positive influence on how people feel and how they live their lives. My aim with every project is not just to give the client what they want – but to give them more than they could ever have expected.”
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