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Mary Frances Purse

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Mary Frances Embellished Clutch
Located in Bridgehampton, NY
J. Lhuiller Beaded Clutch with Magnetic Closure. Envelope Style With Multiple Shades of Blue Beads in a Wave Design.

21st Century and Contemporary Clutches

  • Mary Frances Embellished Clutch
  • Mary Frances Embellished Clutch
  • Mary Frances Embellished Clutch
  • Mary Frances Embellished Clutch
H 3 in. D 2.75 in. L 10 in.
1990s Mary Frances multicoloured handbag with beads
Located in Capri, IT
1990s Mary Frances multicoloured handbag with beads. Never used still with tags

1990s Tote Bags

Reserved Sale Pending for Janet Mary Frances Golf Bag
Located in University City, MO
****RESERVED SALE PENDING FOR JANET*** ****RESERVED SALE PENDING FOR JANET*** Whimsical glass beaded golf theme handbag designed by Mary Frances The unique handbag is designed...

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Mary Frances Purse For Sale on 1stDibs

Find the exact vintage or contemporary mary frances purse you’re shopping for in the variety available on 1stDibs. Black is a pretty popular color, but we also have Black, Brown, Silver and protectString (more) in stock now. Finding the perfect mary frances purse may mean sifting through those that were made during different time periods — popular versions were made as early as the 20th Century and a newer one, made as recently as the 21st Century, can also be found on the site. Finding a mary frances purse for sale for women should be easy, but there are 2 pieces available to browse for men as well.

How Much is a Mary Frances Purse?

On average, a mary frances purse on 1stDibs sells for $250, while they’re typically $145 on the low end and $995 for the highest priced versions of this item.

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