Sorry, Beautiful Carved Mahogany Bust of Balinese Woman Wearing Headscarf is not currently available.
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Beautifully Carved Detailed Balinese Bust of St...
20th Century Balinese Organic Modern Figurative Sculptures
Solid mahogany carved wood womans bust, wonderful detailing, patina and coloring. Life-like face, hair, clothing and jewelry.
Large Carved Bust of African Man
Early 20th Century African Folk Art Sculptures and Carvings
This is an exceptionally well-carved portrait bust of an African man dating to the mid-20th century. The bust is carved from a single piece of mahogany; the artist has captured the s...

Carved Wood African Bust

$696 Sale Price
50% Off
Carved Wood African Bust
Mid-20th Century African Sculptures and Carvings
This bust comes from my own collection of vintage and antique heads. The primitive but skilled carving and the contours and cracks of the wood organically complement each other .The ...
Venetian Carved Wood Portrait Bust of a Blackamoor
Antique 19th Century Italian Baroque Busts
Venetian carved wood portrait bust of a blackamoor, realistically carved and painted.
Marble Bust of a Young Woman Wearing a Scarf
Antonio Tantardini
Antique Mid-19th Century Italian Busts
Well sculpted 19th century bust, inscribed on the back Ant. Tantorini 1829-1879 Milano. Written below, in pencil reads "pupil of Bartolomeo" Down cast eyes and mouth of a saddened y...

African Bust

$550 Sale Price
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African Bust
Late 20th Century African Sculptures and Carvings
This African woman bust has been very finely carved from a chunk of walnut.
Wooden Folk Art Sculpture of a Woman
20th Century Folk Art Sculptures and Carvings
Wooden Folk Art sculpture of a woman - very well done with subtle, yet well detailed and implied offerings of a stern woman's face. Could easily be displayed on it's own pedestal or,...
Bronze Bust of a Native American Signed and Dated
21st Century and Contemporary American Busts
A strong and well-executed bronze bust of a Native American standing on a stone base. Stamped 1/9 in the edition, signed as per pictures and dated '02. We have not managed to researc...

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