Late 20th Century Busts

Woodrow Nash Sculpture
Woodrow Nash Sculpture
Late 20th Century American Tribal Busts
Earthenware, Stoneware, Terracotta
Woodrow Nash, is the most highly sought after tribal art sculpture in the world. Following the tradition of the great masters, Nash elevates the human spirit in the form of sculptur...
Modern Pair of Classical Marble Busts
Modern Pair of Classical Marble Busts
Late 20th Century Swedish Busts
Modern pair of marble busts depicting a classical male and female.
Original Patrick Nagel "Carol" Bronze Bust Sculpture from, 1984
Original Patrick Nagel "Carol" Bronze Bust Scul...
Patrick Nagel
Vintage 1980s American Art Deco Figurative Sculptures
Genuine, limited edition, hand-made, original cast bronze bust sculpture titled "Carol", by deceased American/German artist, Patrick Nagel. "Carol" was created in 1984 and is a life ...
Patrick Nagel Retro "Standing Lady" Bronze and Granite Sculpture Limited Edition
Patrick Nagel Retro "Standing Lady" Bronze and ...
Patrick Nagel
Vintage 1980s American Art Deco Figurative Sculptures
One of only two Patrick Nagel bronze sculptures to make it out of the foundry and limited to 180 pieces in the world, "Standing Lady", in polychrome bronze and granite, is an iconic ...
Amazing 1970s Transparent Green Figurative Sculpture
Amazing 1970s Transparent Green Figurative Scul...
Vintage 1970s French Busts
Very beautiful girl sculpture in 1970s green transparent resin. The green crystal color changes continuously with illumination. White lacquered stele included if desired.  
Bronze Cast on Marble
Bronze Cast on Marble
Late 20th Century Neoclassical Busts
Bronze, Marble
Bronze casted fragment of legs on a marble base, circa 20th century.  
Bust of Roman Emperor Hadrian in Carrara White and Serpentine Green Marbles
Bust of Roman Emperor Hadrian in Carrara White ...
Late 20th Century Italian Classical Roman Busts
Bust of Roman emperor Hadrian in Carrara white and serpentine green marbles.
Hand-Carved Bust of Roman Emperor Julius Caesar in Different Coloured Marbles
Hand-Carved Bust of Roman Emperor Julius Caesar...
Late 20th Century Italian Classical Roman Busts
Hand-carved bust of Roman emperor Julius Caesar in different coloured marbles.
Fiberglass Bust of Pan
Fiberglass Bust of Pan
Late 20th Century Busts
Large bust of Greek God Pan in a patinated bronze color. Purchased from an estate in Southampton, NY.  
Large Othello and Desdemona Bronze Busts on Red Marble Bases
Large Othello and Desdemona Bronze Busts on Red...
Late 20th Century Spanish Busts
Bronze, Marble
Large Othello and Desdemona bronze busts on red marble bases.
Important Beaten Brass Head Sculpture by Franz Hagenauer 1970s
Important Beaten Brass Head Sculpture by Franz ...
Franz Hagenauer
Vintage 1970s Austrian Mid-Century Modern Busts
In the 1920s, Franz Hagenauer attended the sculptures class of Anton Hanak at the Vienna School of Arts & Crafts. Even then, he showed his incredible genius and sense of shape. Howev...
Sculpture Lladro "Torero" Bullfighter
Sculpture Lladro "Torero" Bullfighter
Late 20th Century Spanish Modern Busts
Sculpture Lladro "Torero" bullfighter.
Modern Surreal Portrait of a Woman Sculpture by...
Klara Sever
Vintage 1970s American Modern Abstract Sculptures
Surreal sculpture by Czech American artist Klara Sever called "Portrait of a Woman." Great scale and rendered in black patinated plaster on a wood plinth base. Signed Sever and Au...
Signed Modern Glazed Ceramic Figurative Nude Bu...
Vintage 1970s Post-Modern Busts
Gorgeous modern figurative nude sculpture features dark copper brown ceramic glaze. The sculpture is signed by the artist towards base.
Signed Modern Lucite Male Torso Bust Sculpture,...
Vintage 1970s Modern Figurative Sculptures
A substantial signed and numbered '70s Modern Lucite male figurative torso bust sculpture piece, circa 1970s. Signed and numbered 15/169 in image #8. Piece measures: 6.5 in. D x 9....
Karl Springer Hand-Carved African Sculpture on ...
Karl Springer
Vintage 1980s American Mid-Century Modern Busts
Leather, Suede, Wood, Paint
Hand-carved African sculpture, woman's head with four horns, by the Ekoi tribe in Nigeria with a suede base by Karl Springer, American, 1980s (photo of original Karl Springer tag inc...
Cast Stone Bust of David after Michelangelo
Late 20th Century Busts
Cast Stone
Cast stone bust of David after Michelangelo on marble base.
Afro Bronze by Hans Jörg Limbach
Hans Jörg Limbach
Vintage 1980s Swiss Modern Busts
Afro bronze, signed Hans Jorg Limbach (1928-1990). Edition of two.
1970s Judy Garland Ceramic Bust by Morris Rusht...
Morris Rushton, Flesh Pots
Vintage 1970s British Hollywood Regency Busts
1970s life-size ceramic bust of Judy Garland designed and manufactured by Morris Rushton for the 'Hollywood Greats' collection by Fleshpots, UK. Hand-painted glaze ceramic. Mea...
Torn Human Head Sculpture in Brutalist Style Si...
Vintage 1970s Italian Brutalist Busts
This sculpture is made of pottery and represents a human head torn by an ax stroke, which makes the wound bleed. The blood flows into the right side of the face and reaches the eye.
1970s Elvis Presley & Charlie Chaplin Heads Cer...
Morris Rushton, Flesh Pots
Vintage 1970s English Modern Busts
1970s lifesize ceramic busts designed and manufactured by Morris Rushton for the 'Hollywood Greats' collection by Flesh Pots, UK. White glaze ceramic. Charlie Chaplin and Elvis...
Huge Bronze Back Man Bust Signed
Enzo Missoni
Vintage 1970s Belgian Busts
Bronze sculpture signed by ? Coming from Enzo Missoni workshop. Can be hang on a wall too. Possibility to by the other face too.
Huge Bronze Bust Signed
Enzo Missoni
Vintage 1970s Belgian Busts
Bronze sculpture signed by ? Coming from Enzo Missoni workshop. Can be hang on a wall too. Possibility to buy the other side too.
Perspex Bust of Woman on Console Also Made of P...
Vintage 1970s Dutch Mid-Century Modern Busts
Wonderful chest of a woman made entirely out of perspex / plexiglass. It is signed C.P.K. 3/160. Her hair has been engraved and is therefore mat. The rest of the material is transpa...
Jesus Tellosa Angel Sculpture
Jesus Tellosa
Vintage 1980s Mexican Post-Modern Busts
Angel sculpture in sheet metal by Mexican artist Jesus Tellosa. Born in 1936, Tellosa grew up in Guadalajara and California. His formal art studies began at the Instituto Cultural M...
Haunting Nude Abstract Figural Modernist Plaste...
Claire McArdle, George Foster
Vintage 1970s Unknown Post-Modern Busts
The modern female figurative sculpture exhibits beauty in the simplicity and grace of its form. The artist manages to evoke the the subtle essence of femininity while simultaneously ...
Marble Bust of Aphrodite, Late 20th Century
Late 20th Century European Classical Greek Statues
Marble female bust on a round base, with a smooth surface texture and a naturally aged patina. The bust depicts Aphrodite / Venus with a slight turn to the right and an elegant top k...
Miguel Ortiz Berrocal Richelieu Puzzle Brass Sc...
Miguel Ortiz Berrocal, Miguel Berrocal
Vintage 1970s Spanish Mid-Century Modern Abstract Sculptures
Richelieu, puzzle sculpture made of polished brass, composed of 59 removable elements, 1968-1973 Signed "Berrocal" - Numbered 933/2000.
Bronze Bust, Australian Politician, Sir Johanne...
Vance Prince
1990s Australian Other Busts
Sir Johannes Bjelke-Petersen, KCMG (1911-2005) bronze bust, on an inscribed black marble base, signed and dated Vance Prince 94 on reverse, weighs 20kg, Sir Johannes Bjelke-Pe...
William King Monumental Cut Sheet Aluminum Floo...
William King (b.1925)
Vintage 1970s American Modern Abstract Sculptures
Aluminum, Wood
This wonderful , whimsical and dramatic signed William King sculpture is made of sheet metal that is slotted together like cardboard cutouts. The very assured and semi sitting one le...
Modern Marble Sculpture
Late 20th Century South American Post-Modern Figurative Sculptures
A substantial Post-Modern or modern style marble carved figurative sculpture piece of two people embraced side-by-side. Marble is white/grey with dark veining. Sculpture piece is car...
Modernist Polished Steel Abstract Male Bust
Vintage 1970s American Brutalist Busts
A Mid-Century polished steel abstract male bust. A haunting modernist figural sculpture. The work is marked on the side MIWAUX Sc.
"Hand Over Breast" Sculpture Signed George Segal
George Segal
Vintage 1980s American Mid-Century Modern Busts
"Hand Over Breast" white cast paper relief sculpture. Modern figural sculpture depicting a woman with head turned toward shoulder, arm raised and the opposite hand touching chest abo...
Important Characteristic Head by Franz Hagenaue...
Franz Hagenauer, Werkstätte Hagenauer Wien
Vintage 1970s Austrian Mid-Century Modern Busts
Bearing his head at an angle the figurine seams to behold the room. His fly is fastened coquettish around his neck. The prominent stylised nose divides the face and emphasizes the st...
1970s Jiří Georg Dokoupil Solid Bronze Bust on ...
Jiri Georg Dokoupil
Late 20th Century German Figurative Sculptures
1970s modern abstract bronze bust on a wooden pedestal, by neo-expressionist Czech born German artist Jirí Georg Dokoupil. Measures: Bust: 30 x 13 x 17 cm Pedestal: 116 x 20.5 x ...
Modern Sculpture by B. Vandenberghe, Belgium, 2...
Late 20th Century Belgian Figurative Sculptures
Absolute unique and exceptional modern sculpture signed "B. Vandenberghe". This large outstanding female bust depicts a female young woman worked in an unusual but totally great look...
Bronze Sculpture by Carl Dahl
Carl Dahl
Vintage 1970s American Mid-Century Modern Busts
Carl Dahl bronze, circa early 1970s. This extraordinary example exudes strong emotion and looks stunning from every angle.
Miguel Berrocal "Alice II" Bronze Sculpture, 19...
Miguel Berrocal
Vintage 1980s Spanish Busts
Miguel Berrocal (1933-2006) Alice II Opus 216 bis, 1981-1982 Bronze with a gilded patina composed of 14 elements. Signed et numbered "182/500" Dimensions: Height 17 cm, width 14 ...
1980s Bronze Bust of Female
Vintage 1980s Busts
1980s bronze bust of female on wood base and tagged.
Bust of Hermes
1990s American Classical Roman Busts
This bust is marked Hermes, Olympia. It is finished by hand in my studio in a muti layered antique style . Great gift for a man. Displays nicely on top of a tall piece of furnit...

David by Berrocal

By Miguel Berrocal
David by Berrocal
Miguel Berrocal
Vintage 1970s Mid-Century Modern Busts
Bronze sculpture puzzle by Miguel Berrocal, signed.
1970s Resin Bust by Enzo Missoni
Enzo Missoni
Vintage 1970s French Busts
Rare bust designed by Enzo Missoni Resin France 1970s.
Male Torso Sculpture
Late 20th Century Unknown Figurative Sculptures
A decorative male torso sculpture. Sculpture is metal with a plaster overlay. Measures: 8" H.
Full Colorful Marble Bust of a Young Roman
Late 20th Century Greco Roman Busts
A full colorful marble bust of a young roman. This large and impressive bust is certain to make an impression as one views the fine detail and enormity of the sculpture.
Eskimo Boy and Girl by Lladro
Late 20th Century Spanish Spanish Colonial Figurative Sculptures
A gres polychromed ceramic figurines by Lladro, two Eskimo children huddle together for warmth. Originally designed by Juan Huerta and one of the first lines executed in gres which L...
Edward J. Walsh Nickel Plated Bronze Female Bus...
Edward J. Walsh
Vintage 1970s American Modern Figurative Sculptures
Bronze, Marble
A nickel-plated bronze sculpture by Edward J. Walsh (b. 1944, American) of a female bust atop a white marble base. Signed [EWJ] and numbered on the back. The piece is from the 1970s ...
Plaster Bust in Silver
Late 20th Century American Busts
A decorative plaster bust of a female form. The classically shaped piece has an attractive and lustrous silver gilt finish. Chips, scratches add to the character of the finish. A won...
1970s Ceramic Bust with Sand Coating
Vintage 1970s Busts
1970s ceramic bust with sand coating.
Gold-Plated Greek Medusas Side Tables Stands, I...
Vintage 1970s Italian Classical Greek Busts
Brass, Gold Plate
Pair of gilt brass Greek Medusas. These are mounted over blackwood. Maybe added on wood on a different moment. They look lovely on some sofa side tables.
Melpomene Muse of Tragedy Metal Sculpture
Vintage 1970s American Busts
This vintage metal theatre mask mounted on an metal stand, represents Melpomene, the Muse of tragedy. In roman and Greek poetry, it was traditional to invoke the goddess that one mig...
Alexander Ney, Head, Gilt Terracotta Sculpture,...
Alexander Ney
1990s American Modern Busts
Terracotta, Marble
Gilt terracotta sculpture on marble base. Signed with artist's facsimile, dated '90 Alexander Ney (Russian, born in 1939 in Leningrad, Russia) is an American sculptor and painter...
French Bronze and Marble Bust by L. Gregoire, c...
L. Gregoire
Late 20th Century Busts
Bronze, Marble
French bronze and multicolored marble bust, circa 1878. Signed by artist L.Gregoire.  
Stunning Marble Bust of Lucius Junius Brutus on...
Vintage 1980s Busts
A beautifully sculpted marble bust of the famous Roman general Lucius Junius Brutus dating from the last quarter of the 20th century. He is wearing a flowing toga with a fibulae o...
Monumental Decorative Marble Bust of Oriental D...
Late 20th Century Unknown Baroque Revival Busts
Standing 35 inches tall this large polychrome marble bust features an oriental young princely man wearing turban and draped cloak accented by decorative borders and trims. It is carv...
Pair of Resin African Busts with Plaster Finish...
Late 20th Century French Busts
Resin, Wood
Pair of African tribesmen with their characteristic necklaces and earrings. One looking forward and the second has his head tilted sideways. Measure: Tilted head 52 x 49 x 23 cm ...
Monumental Japanese Signed Kishi Stone & Traver...
Masatoyo Kishi
Vintage 1980s Japanese Modern Abstract Sculptures
This wonderful cast black stone limited edition floor sculpture that is by the noted Japanese artist: Masatoyo Kishi. He was born in Sakai Japan in 1924, lived in America and passed...
Faux Marble Bust of George Washington
Vintage 1970s Australian American Classical Busts
Epoxy Resin
Faux marble bust of George Washington mounted on a wooden base Some minor but unimportant chips. Measure: Weighs 16 kg Total height with base 51cm.
Susana Espinosa Cabeza Mujer Bronze Sculpture A...
Vintage 1980s Puerto Rican Mid-Century Modern Busts
Wonderful and Rare version of the Cabeza de Mujer series in Bronze. Signed and Number; Espinosa 246/300. Bronze Bust Only (not including base) W: 3 1/8 x D: 2 1/2 x H: 3 3/4 in.
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