Gorgeous Plate Viennese Imperial Porcelain Manufactory Vintage, Dated 1790

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Gorgeous picture plate of Viennese Imperial Porcelain Manufactory:
Stunning quality and edged areas are decorated with so-said Grotesque (Italian: Grotteschi) pattern.
Material is porcelain (multicolored painted).

Dated 1790 (Impressed year's mark at reverse side visible: '90)
Blue Beehive Mark (underglazed) of Austrian Imperial Porcelain Manufactory | golden painted painter's number at reverse side: 110
( = Josef Pumperer / active 1786 - 1829 ) | impressed former's number (so-said 'Weissdrehernummer') at reverse side existing:
19 ( = Johann Georg Krauss / active 1785 - 1827)

Picture painting in middle area:

Abduction of Psyche (as it is described in German - Entführung der Psyche - in black painted characters on plate's reverse side)

Psyche, daughter of a king, was hated by the Goddess Aphrodite who had been jealous (envious) of the very beautiful Psyche:
Therefore the God of Love, Eros, was sent by Aphrodite in order to ruin Psyche: But Eros had fallen in love with her so that he abducted the sleeping Psyche, with the assistance of Zephyros, God of Wind. Subsequently, Psyche lived with Eros in his palace, but it was forbidden to her to see him: Eros presented to his beloved companion only during night. One day, after he was discovered by Psyche, Eros left her. Therefore Psyche started to search for Eros, but she was captured in Aphrodite's temple where she had to do dangerous works. Finally, Psyche and Eros were rewarded by the God Zeus by eternal union, due to their persevering love.

Diameter: 24 cm (circa 9.6 inches).
Josef Pumperer (Painter)
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