Sorry, Wallpaper Dollhouse No.3 is not currently available.
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Vintage Wallpaper Roller Lamp c. 1910
American More Folk Art
Lamp made from a wood wallpaper roll, originally used to print wall paper. This piece is a nice example of early 20th century craftsmanship with it's carved wooden patterning in a si...
18th Century Crewelwork of Plants and Flowers
English Tapestries
A good mid-18th century crewelwork panel of plants and flowers and retaining most of their original color.
Set of Large Antique Croquet Mallets
American More Folk Art
These are original croquet mallets from the turn of the century. They have beautiful patina and are all in fine shape. The colors are noted on the ends closest to the head of the mal...
Antique 19th Century French Animal Cleavers
French More Folk Art
19th century French animal cleavers. Often these were wedding gifts because they were not just beautiful for display on a kitchen wall but they were also utilitarian when used to dic...

Alexander Girard Collage

Alexander Girard Collage
Alexander Girard
American Decorative Art
A rare piece of original artwork by Alexander Girard. Nice play between positive and negative forms with repeated variations of shapes. Great use of colored cellophane tape which is ...
Set of Five Large Art Store Advertising Painted...
American More Folk Art
Carved wood brush heads, would look good mounted on a wall or displayed on a table.
18th Century French Painted Screen
French Paintings
A charming Provincial French hand-painted wallpaper six-panel screen (paravent). The screen is decorated with trees, vines, flowers and exotic birds and was inspired by the fine chin...
Mid-20th Century Fante Asafo Flag, Ghana
Ghanaian More Folk Art
A large and graphically stunning asafo flag. Fante flags represent the merger of two cultural traditions, the Akan tradition of combining proverbs with visual imagery, and the Eur...