Sorry, Edwald Rentz (1908-1995) Wood Sculpture is not currently available.
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Outsider Art Wood Sculpture with Geometric Appl...

American Outsider and Self Taught Art


Detailed and eye catching outsider art "found" wood sculpture. Constructed from floor moldings and cut paper geometric appliques. Unsigned.


Wooden Tramp Art Sculpture

American Sculptures


Wonderful Wooden Decorative Tramp/Outsider Art Sculpture,<br /> In the form of an architectural tower,<br /> made of 100's of interlocking pieces of hand-carved wood,<br /> withou...


Terry Turrell Myth Sculpture

Terry Turrell

American Outsider and Self Taught Art

Paint, Tin, Wood

Sculpture by self-taught artist Terry Turrell of carved wood horse with an owl perched above in a ring. The sculpture is painted and has applied pieces of cut tin and is draped with ...


Dilmus Hall Crucifixion Sculpture

Dilmus Hall

American Outsider and Self Taught Art


Dilmus Hall (1900-1987) was a reknowned self taught African American artist from Athens, Georgia. He found expression in the yard environment as well as sculptural pieces and drawing...


Jesse Aaron Sculpture

American Outsider and Self Taught Art

five faces on a two limb cypress knee


Gerard Canbon Sculpture Relief Chaloklum

Gerard Cambon

French Outsider and Self Taught Art


Gerard Cambon wall relief with pair of figures in recess. Gerard Cambon is a self taught artist from France working with found materials and wood fiber with glue.


Large Judas Ullulaq (Ooloolah) Sculpture, Inuit...

Judas Ullulaq

Canadian Outsider and Self Taught Art


Large carved stone sculpture &quot;Hunter Riding Whale&quot; by renowned Inuit artist Judas Ullulaq (Ooloolah) (1937 - 1999). Wonderfully designed and crafted work of a hunter on th...


Folk Art "Standing Man" Carved Tree Branch Scul...


Unknown Outsider and Self Taught Art


Charming little tree branch Folk Art sculpture hand-carved in the manner of Giocometti.