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Lifesized Artist Model
Wood Carving of Christ
Panache Antiques & Objets D'Art Inc.
USA Carved Wooden Archangel Wings
Liza Sherman
Tall Carved Teak Dolphin Sculpture
Soho Treasures
French Louis XV Style Bed Black in Queen Size
Lansky Home
Small Lime Wood Carving
Peter Bunting
Stone Bases
Hampton Briggs Antiques
Carved Bust of Joan of Arc
John J. Gredler Works of Art, Inc.
19th Century Wooden Rocking Horse
Finely Carved Walnut Figure of a Pierrot
LVS Decorative Arts
1960 Hand-Carved Chinese Hand Sculpture
Joseph Malekan
Figural Branch Stand with Key Safe
Early Figural Primitive Boot Jacks
"Rex" Sculpture
Art Nouveau Bust in Terracotta, Italy
Gallery 25
Finely Carved Oak Eagle Lectern
LVS Decorative Arts
Three 19th C. French Cutting Boards
The Butler and The Chef
Betty Scarpino, "Transition Together"
Worrell Smith Gallery
carved wood chamois group, austria ca. 1900
Fantastic Swiss Hall Tree
Dearing Antiques
Rare Mid 19th Century Articulated Lay Figure
Jonny Williamson
Antique French Toy Horse
Maison & Co.
17th Century Italian Carved Travel Box
Martinoja Antiques LLC
Carved Wood Airedale
Sutter Antiques
18th Century Carved English Heraldic Oak Panel
Dearing Antiques
Bronze Napoleon
Moss Antiques
19th Century English Rocking Horse Wood Fragment
Maison & Co.
Pair of Chinese Hardwood Fu Lions
LVS Decorative Arts
19th Century Deeply Carved French Wood Valance
Ambiance Antiques
Rare Black Forest Centerpiece, circa 1870
Dearing Antiques
Caped and Nude Carved Woman
American Primitive Gallery
First Journey by Betty Scarpino
Worrell Smith Gallery
"The Eagles" Carving on Stone by Serge Ponomarew
Victor Werner
Gustavian Beer Cup, circa 1800
19th Century French Architectural ElementOn Hold
Mac Maison LTD
Moss Antiques
Sculpted Marble by Josette Barbier - 1985
Artocarpus - Galerie Riviera
Carved Dog in Wood, circa 1860
Pair of Giltwood Baskets as Wall Sconces
The Little Antique Shop
Pair of Polychrome Painted Wood Mules
Anouska Hempel Design
18th Century Baroque Angel
Reza's Rug Gallery
Art Deco Profile of an African Woman, circa 1930
Avant-Garde Gallery by Pierre Bosche
Danish Female Bust
Black Forest Carved Bears Bench
Red Rose Antiques
Giltwood Silver and Gold Panel, circa 1930s
Melissa Levinson Antiques
Art Deco Profile of an African Woman, circa 1930
Avant-Garde Gallery by Pierre Bosche