A Pallazo-scaled Roman 1st c. A.D. Marble Torso of an Athlete


A Large and Beautifully Modeled 4th c. AD Classical Roman Marble Torso Sculpture of an Athlete standing contraposto, balanced on his right leg, the left leg trailing slightly, with minor restorations. The robust modeling of the musculature, as well as the pose, illustrates the ideal male body type developed by the Greek sculptor Polykleitos in about 440 BC. Polykleitos sought perfection through measurement, symmetry, and the careful balancing of opposites, such as tension and relaxation. He described this ideal in a treatise called the Kanon (Rule), one of the earliest manuals for sculptors. Polykleitos created the Doryphoros (Spear Bearer), to emphasize his aesthetic and this piece is likely a later Roman copy of the original.
Statue without base measures: Height: 32 1/2"; Width: 17 1/2"; Depth: 8"
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