Sorry, Aerial View Tsunami Diptych Painting by New York City Artist Clintel Steed, 2011 is not currently available.
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Tina Bluefield
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California artist Tina Bluefield highly respected for her sublime and exceptionally executed abstract paintings that feature repetitive elements, using lines, geometric and architect...
Striking Oil Painting of New York City Storefronts
American Paintings
Striking oil painting of New York City storefronts in the 1980s. Full of movement and grit, the painting's color palette is black, white, gray and red and has a black painted frame. ...
New York School Abstract Painting
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Geometric abstract painting
Abstract City View Painting
5-2598, abstract oil on canvas by Rokes, 1974.
Diptych 'Smoke' Encaustic Wax Painting by Conte...
Lonney White
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Diptych wax Encaustic painting by Contemporary Artist Lonney White III. This diptych from Lonney White's "Smoke" series features intricate, amorphous black forms against a ground o...
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25% Off
Abstract Painting by Artist Brian Hagiwara
Brian Hagiwara
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Abstract Painting by Artist John Luckett
John Luckett
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This abstract painting titled "Jupiter's Moons" is by artist John Luckett (b. 1951, Humboldt Tennessee). Originally, a graphic designer whose designs are included in the permanen...
Painting by Artist Stefano Spagnoli, Italy, 1960s
Italian Paintings
Watercolor collage by Parma, Italy artist Stefano Spagnoli. Dark brown with gold ribs frame.