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Contemporary Acrylic Picture called Heart of th...
Tiffany Brown
Norwegian Contemporary Art
Painted and signed by English Tiffany Brown, 2017 whilst in Norway. The picture is one of the kind and called heart of the matter, acrylic painting on canvas. . The colors are bright...
Biedermeier Picture Clock with Musical Movement...
Austrian Paintings
These painting clocks are very rare, especially containing the music box. Of Austrian manufacture circa 1820-1830, this Biedermeier picture (painting) clock is a naive and charming o...
Terry Turrell Tarp Painting "Cool Breeze"
Terry Turrell
American Paintings
Painting by NWC self taught artist Terry Turrell on canvas tarp with dogs and other animals.
"The Chicago Zouaves" Painting
American Paintings
The three Zouave soldiers in this painting were taken from a print published in Harper’s Weekly July 28, 1860. The artist, John Graff added the landscape of Battery Park in New York ...
Contemporary Acrylic Painting Called Emotional ...
Tiffany Brown
Norwegian Contemporary Art
A modern contemporary acrylic painting on canvas called emotional kaleidoscope by Tiffany Brown. Large acrylic painting measuring 100 cm x 100 cm. The name emotional kaleidoscope ...
Antique Folk Painting, House by the Side of the...
American Paintings
Pat McGann Gallery Small painting on wood. Might be the underside of a box lid, 19th century.
'The Dish' Portrait Painting by Alan Fears
Alan Fears
English Contemporary Art
Canvas, Acrylic
Acrylic on canvas by Alan Fears, 2017. Alan Fears (b. 1974) is an emerging British artist who was shortlisted for the Nottingham Castle Open in 2016. 'A naive artist, a graphic...

Andreas Obermann Home on the River

Andreas Obermann Home on the River
Andreas Obermann
Unknown Paintings
Canvas, Wood
This rich piece of 19th century art was painted in oil on canvas by the acclaimed Andreas Obermann. The painting depicts a charming Dutch landscape, a house on a riverbank, in warm r...