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Early 20th Century Wall Decorations

Misia Sert's Bookplate by Pierre Bonnard
Misia Sert's Bookplate by Pierre Bonnard
Pierre Bonnard
Vintage 1910s French Modern Prints
Misia Sert, a musical prodigy who once played the piano on Franz List’s knee, grew up to be a beauty, and remained the apogee of chic until she died at seventy-eight. She had been a ...
Two-Panel Screen, Group of Six Cranes by Orchid
Two-Panel Screen, Group of Six Cranes by Orchid
Vintage 1920s Japanese Paintings
Two-panel folding screen; ink, mineral colors, and gofun on paper.
Still-Life with Apples, Lemons a Teapot and a Bottle
Still-Life with Apples, Lemons a Teapot and a B...
Louis Neillot
Vintage 1920s French Mid-Century Modern Paintings
Louis Neillot was born in Vichy in 1898 and although wounded in the First World War he survived and dedicated himself to painting. He first studied in the Vichy School of Municipal A...
Gustave Penzyna Ecole de Paris French Expressionist Still Life Oil Painting
Gustave Penzyna Ecole de Paris French Expressio...
Vintage 1920s French Expressionist Paintings
French expressionist still life oil painting, created by Polish-French artist Gustave Penzyna (1882-1938) in his Paris atelier on 16 Rue du Saint Gothard in 1928. Penzyna was bor...
Modernist Oil on Canvas Painting Signed Boris Deutsch, 1922
Modernist Oil on Canvas Painting Signed Boris D...
Early 20th Century Lithuanian Modern Paintings
Modernist Oil on canvas painting signed Boris Deutsch, 1922 Signed top right: Bori Deutsch, 1922 Framed: Height 28, width 24", Canvas: Height 24", width 20" Condition: Very good c...
"on the Fjord" by Walter Moras
"on the Fjord" by Walter Moras
Walter Moras
Antique Early 1900s German High Victorian Paintings
Oil on Canvas, Signed lower left. Walter Moras 1856-1925 Walter Moras was a Berlin born artist who was highly influenced by the atmospheric landscape paintings of Hermann Esch...
Edmund Franklin Ward American Oil Painting of a Woman and Children
Edmund Franklin Ward American Oil Painting of a...
Edmund Franklin Ward
Vintage 1920s American Beaux Arts Paintings
Canvas, Wood
American oil on canvas painting of a woman standing in front of two children amidst a bucolic rural landscape. The piece was painted in the United States in 1925 by famed American pa...
Pair of Two-Panel Screen, Autumn at the Rakushisha
Pair of Two-Panel Screen, Autumn at the Rakushisha
Vintage 1920s Japanese Decorative Art
Pair of two-panel screens. Mineral colors, mica and gofun on paper. Rakushisha ("Hut of the Fallen Persimmon Fruits") is the former residence of Haikai poet Murai Kyorai (1651–1704)...
Antique Oil on Canvas of Venice
Antique Oil on Canvas of Venice
Antique Early 1900s Italian Paintings
Canvas, Gold Leaf, Wood
Antique oil on canvas painting of Venice with the original gold leafed frame. The image represents the Castello neighborhood in Venice.
Color Etching Nude Titled "Phoebe", circa 1928 ...
Early 20th Century American Art Deco Paintings
Framed color etching nude titled "Phoebe" (circa 1928) signed in pencil Signed bottom right: Chinot. Measures: Framed: Height 18, width 21", canvas: height 9", width 11" Condition...
Harvest at the Foot of the Sierra Nevada in And...
Angel Andrade
Vintage 1910s Spanish Edwardian Paintings
Angel Andrade is known mainly for his landscapes, especially those from the latter part of his career which were painted with an extraordinary realism. Andrade was one of a number of...
"Edgar Allan Poe" Bronze Portrait Relief Issued...
Antique Early 1900s American Beaux Arts Wall-mounted Sculptures
Rare and beautiful, this bronze portrait rondel, sculpted by Edith Woodman Burroughs, was issued by the Grolier Club in New York, and features the Club's armorial shield to the right...
"ClazomèNes in Moonlight," Painting
Henry Valensi
Early 20th Century French Paintings
Henri Valensi studied at the L’Ecole des Beaux Arts de Paris and travelled extensively before the outbreak of World War I. He visited countries throughout Europe as well as Russia, T...
Pair of Six-Panel Screens, Sheep by Trees
Vintage 1920s Japanese Paintings
The screen is made from ink, mineral colors, gofun (powdered calcified shell) and gold wash on paper and dated (Showa era (1926–1989)). In this tranquil fall scene, a flock of she...
Red "Suzani"
Early 20th Century Uzbek More Carpets
Cotton, Silk
A beautiful old embroidered cover from Uzbekistan in the style and color palette that is associated with the city of Tashkent. The motifs are executed in silk stitching on a red cott...
Two-Panel Screen, Wild Turkey Hen and Chicks Be...
Vintage 1920s Japanese Paintings
Mineral colors and gofun on silk.
Set of Three Early 20th Century English Copper ...
Antique Early 1900s British Folk Art More Dining and Entertaining
A wonderful set of three early 20th century English monumental copper funnels, probably from a diary, with fantastic sculpture forms. These would be beautiful displayed down the cent...
'Along the Seine' by Georges D'Espagnat, French...
Georges D'Espagnat
Early 20th Century French Paintings
Canvas, Wood
'Along the Seine' By Georges d'Espagnat, Frenck 1870-1950. Measures: 18 x 21.75 in. without frame, 25.5 x 29.25 including frame. Oil on relined canvas, signed in lower left corner...
Fine French Nine Rungs Faux Bamboo Ladder
Early 20th Century French Art Nouveau Ladders
A fine French nine rungs faux bamboo ladder.
Early 20th Century Boston School Portrait of a ...
Early 20th Century American Edwardian Paintings
Canvas, Paint
Fine early 20th century Boston School oil painting, portrait of a young girl with a patriotic brooch, by Frances Chamberlin. The young sitter is identified as Harriet White, affectio...
Large-Scale Persian Hunt Painting
Vintage 1920s Paintings
#5-01 large-scale of Persian Hunt, a 1920s large oil painting on canvas depicting hunting scene, displayed in a wood-gesso frame. Artist unknown. Image size 39 H x 59 W.
Cy Twombly Rome Portfolio #2, Eight Archival Pi...
Horst P. Horst
Early 20th Century German Modern Photography
Portfolio #2 Cy Twombly in Rome, 1966 by Horst P. Horst Edition of 5/10 + 3AP Eight archival pigment prints, matted in an embossed portfolio box The full size composition of ...
Early 20th Century Original Colour Lithograph b...
Early 20th Century German Expressionist Prints
Hans Thoma (1839-1924) was a German painter / lithographer who studied art under Johann Schirmer at the Dusseldorf Art Academy and later in Paris with the great French realist painte...
Cows and Fisherman Painting by Hans Brasen
Vintage 1910s Paintings
Wonderful large oil painting of cows observing a fisherman in the water, by well-known Danish painter Hans Ole Brasen. He has perfectly captured the charm and curiosity of cows as th...
Large Danish Marine Painting by Lauritz Sorensen
Early 20th Century Paintings
Wonderful large oil painting of sail ships by well-known Danish Marine painter Lauritz Sorensen (b.1882-d.1968) Sorensen was known for his dedication to the sea and his study of mari...
Andrianna Shamaris Giant Organic Teak Wood Leaf...
Antique Early 1900s Organic Modern Wall-mounted Sculptures
Wood, Teak, Reclaimed Wood
Giant organic teak wood leaf sculpture. Hand-carved from a single slab. This is a beautiful wall sculpture that comes with the hardware as seen. Recessed, with lights behind, it will...
"Apollo" Large Pietra Dura Plaque
Early 20th Century Italian Neoclassical Figurative Sculptures
Large Italian Pietra Dura plaque of Apollo. Signed lower right, early 20th century. Measures: 19" x 14".
Framed English Oil Painting 'by Tom Robertson'
Early 20th Century English Paintings
Canvas, Wood, Oil
A beautiful English farm yard scene oil painting on canvas, in gilt and linen frame. Signed on front: T. Robertson 1909 Signed on back: Tom Robertson Artists canvas prepared by ...
Early 20th Century Silk Ikat Panel, Uzbekistan
Early 20th Century Uzbek Tapestries
Early 20th century silk Ikat panel, Central Asia, Uzbekistan, Samarkand or Fergana Valley; in shades of crimson red, yellow, purple, blue, burgundy and white. Large-scale pattern wit...
Baldacchino Panel
Early 20th Century American Renaissance Decorative Art
Measures: Medium panel 41" tall x 38" wide x 7.5" deep Cast aluminium panel featuring religious iconography, and crown top. A baldacchino, Italian in origin, is a canopy over a...
Tapestry ‘Red Horse’ Designed by Märta Måås-Fje...
Märta Måås-Fjetterström
Vintage 1920s Swedish Scandinavian Modern Russian and Scandinavian Rugs
Tapestry ‘Red Horse’ designed by Märta Måås-Fjetterström for MMF AB, Sweden, 1920s. Handwoven wool.
Charles William Bartlett “Hawaiian Fisherman”, ...
Charles Bartlett
Vintage 1910s American Art Nouveau Prints
Hawaiian fisherman by Charles William Bartlett, 1919 Color woodcut block print on wove paper. Beautiful Art Nouveau - Art Deco Hawaiian decor with vibrant colors. Measures: Pri...
Hand-Painted Tourist Trade Sign, circa 1920s
Vintage 1920s American Folk Art Signs
A hand-painted wooden trade sign from 1920s New England, advertising “Harrolds Cottage – Room for Tourists.” The sign is double sided, with hand-painted letters on heavy board, withi...
"Satyr Carrying Grapes," Gold Glazed Wall Sculp...
Rookwood Pottery Co.
Vintage 1910s American Arts and Crafts Wall-mounted Sculptures
One of the rarest and must unusual pieces ever created by the famed Rookwood Pottery Company in Cincinnati, this sculpture of a satyr bearing the weight of a basket of grapes was cre...
Marine Painting with a View of Concarneau
Vintage 1920s French International Style Paintings
Gasron Latenay was a painter and watercolorist who was a member of the artistes Francais and the society of watercolorists. He was known for his maritime subjects of Brittany and Bel...
Early 20th Century Woman’s Double Ikat Bingo-Ga...
Early 20th Century Japanese Taisho Textiles
Offered by JOHN RUDDY Cotton double ikat kimono, Japan, Early 20th Century A graphically compelling example of a Bingo-gasuri kimono, produced in Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan. Its l...
"Ruins in the Wake of Mount Vesuvius," Gouache ...
Charles Caryl Coleman
Antique Early 1900s Italian Other Paintings
Paint, Paper
During his tenure on the Island of Capri, American expatriate artist Charles Caryl Coleman witnessed with awe and fascination the 1906 eruption of Italy’s famed Mount Vesuvius. Colem...
"Lions on a Hunt", Small Oil Painting by Montoya
Early 20th Century Romantic Paintings
Canvas, Wood, Paint
This tense landscape oil painting was completed in the early 20th century. It is signed Montoya at the bottom left. Besides this signature, not much else is known about the painter. ...
Early 20th Century, Tashkent, Uzbekistan Suzani
Early 20th Century Turkish Tribal Tapestries
Early 20th century, Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Suzani. Embroidered in brightly colored silks of raspberry, yellow, green and black. The entire ground is embroidered in silk on a cotton gr...
Quilted Prayer Rug
Early 20th Century Turkish More Carpets
A lovely little Turkish quilt, block printed with a prayer arch and hanging lamp, possibly meant as a wall hanging.
Antique Sivas "Jijim"
Early 20th Century Turkish Turkish Rugs
Wool, Brocade
A very fine and older example of this type, which was originally used as a wall hanging. Delicate weave and very pleasing color palette.
Birdcage and Rose Painting by Folmer Bonnen, 1915
Folmer Bonnen
Early 20th Century Danish Art Nouveau Paintings
Gold Leaf, Paint
Tranquil still life painting by Folmer Bonnen of birdcage and rose on wall. Gauche on cardboard, behind glass. Antique gold leaf inner border with black frame. Signed and dated on bo...
Still Life Painting of Fruit and Flowers by Rud...
Early 20th Century European Paintings
Canvas, Wood
Richly painted still life in nicely carved and giltwood frame. Oil on canvas, signed R Andree (b. 1887-d.1970) and dated 1924. Rudolf Andree was active/lived in France, Germany. Rud...
Rare Early Original Antique Car Racing Poster (...
Vintage 1910s American Posters
Rare early original antique poster, most likely advertising a Minneapolis race event, featuring a lady in an elegant blue dress waving a handkerchief and a lady in a fashionable gree...
Original Vintage Constructivist Poster for a Ce...
Vintage 1920s Russian Posters
Original vintage Russian Avant Garde cinema poster for a Central Asian film Chadra / The Veil (Burkha) directed by Mikhail Averbakh and produced by UzbekGosKino. Great constructivist...
Specimen, Decomposition of Rocks, circa 1900
Early 20th Century German Decorative Art
A vintage natural scientific specimen diorama shows the decomposition of rocks, used for class, circa 1900.
Antique Egyptian Patchwork Tapestry
Early 20th Century Egyptian Egyptian Tapestries
Beautiful Egyptian patchwork tapestry probably early 20th century with beautiful design cotton patchwork.  
Magnificent Autumnal Still Life by Dutch Artist...
Barbara van Houten
Vintage 1910s Dutch Other Paintings
Canvas, Wood, Oil
Magnificent autumnal still life by Dutch artist Barbara van Houten, circa 1920. A harvest of pumpkins and squashes surrounded in verdant greens. This represents her largest and arg...
Outstanding Cigar Silk Piecework Table Cover
Early 20th Century American Decorative Art
OUTSTANDING CIGAR SILK PIECEWORKTABLE COVER WITH UNUSUALLY LONG RIBBON FRINGE AND GREAT GRAPHICS, 1880-1910: Silk bands like these were used to wrap bunches of cigars. Beginning in...
Fernand Léger 'Le Vase' Lithograph in Colors
Fernand Léger
Early 20th Century French Prints
Fernand Le´ger French, 1880-1955 Le Vase (Saphire 12) 1927 Lithograph in colors on MBM paper Edition of 100 (total edition included 1 artist's proof) Signed: F Leger in penc...
"Brookfield Rye" Tin Advertising Sign, American...
The Meek Co.
Antique Early 1900s American Folk Art Signs
Beautiful semi-nude woman with translucent negligee, holding a bottle of "Brookfield Rye" whiskey is the focal point of this chromolithographic tin advertising sign, used t...
Louis XVI Neoclassical Style Paint and Giltwood...
Antique Early 1900s French Louis XVI Panelling
With floral festoons hung in garland form. Wear to paint and gilding as shown in photos. Centre panel (with the garlands) has a bow, more obvious from the back. Probably from a ballr...
Early 20th Century Royal Copenhagen Christmas D...
Royal Copenhagen
Vintage 1910s Danish Arts and Crafts Decorative Art
Dutch Royal Copenhagen Christmas plaque with hanging backside. Dated 1913 and Weihnachten. Backside painter nr 146.
Large French Gilt Bronze Ormolu and Pink Guillo...
Early 20th Century French Napoleon III Picture Frames
Bronze, Enamel
A large French gilt bronze ormolu and pink guilloche enamel picture photo frame, 19th century. Marked France on the back. Frame size 16.5 x 12 inches. Photo size 10 x 8 inc...
Monumental Medicine Buddha Oil Painting
Early 20th Century Japanese Paintings
Canvas, Masonite, Oil
Very striking large-scale oil on canvas laid down on Masonite painting with gilt background depicting Buddha in a seated position on a giant lotus flower. The flower represents a sym...

Portrait of a Young Lady

By Jeanne Rongier
Portrait of a Young Lady
Jeanne Rongier
Antique Early 1900s French Belle Époque Paintings
Jeanne Rongier was a painter of genre scenes and portraits who worked in both oils and watercolor. She was a pupil of Henri Senart in her native town and then of Henri Harpignies in ...
View of the Beach at Saint Andress in France, P...
Maurice Courant
Antique Early 1900s French Expressionist Paintings
Canvas, Oil
Maurice Courant was a pupil of Ernest Meissonnier and is best known as a painter landscapes and seascapes. This painting depicts the sun setting off the beach at Sainte Adresse in Fr...
Antique English Needlepoint Aubusson Verdure Ga...
Early 20th Century English Aubusson Western European Rugs
73620, antique English needlepoint Aubusson verdure garden tapestry wall hanging. This antique English verdure tapestry features a bucolic landscape scene. A rooster stands between f...
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