Making Design Business Management Easier

We’re just getting started. Stay tuned for new and exciting business tools throughout the year ahead.

Simplified Workflows

Together with Design Manager, we’ll introduce possibilities to streamline workflows at every project stage, from product to profit.

Time-Saving Solutions

New e-commerce integrations will make it easy to connect 700,000 items from 4,500 sellers in the 1stdibs marketplace to projects within Design Manager.

Tailor Made for Designers

We’ll be gathering feedback directly from designers in order to create the best tool to meet their needs. Stay tuned for more updates and improvements coming soon.

About 1stdibs

1stdibs is the leading online marketplace for the most beautiful things on Earth. Through the 1stdibs Trade Program, design firms can access more than 700,000 of the world’s finest vintage and contemporary pieces, trade-exclusive pricing and personalized support from inspiration to installation.

About Design Manager

Design Manager is the leading project management and accounting software for interior designers. As one of the first providers of an end-to-end business management solution tailored to the needs of design firms, Design Manager is transforming the way design firms do business.

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Why is 1stdibs doing this?

At 1stdibs, we’re always innovating so that firms like yours have the tools and support you need to create the world’s most beautiful spaces.

Our goal, together with Design Manager, is to help you save time and manage your business more effectively while providing access to world-class design, trade-exclusive pricing and personalized support from inspiration to installation.

How will this affect 1stdibs sellers?

When it’s easier for designers to source online, it’s easier for our sellers to grow their businesses. By joining forces, we’re further investing in the design community as a whole, including sellers.

How does this affect my 1stdibs account?

The short answer: It doesn’t. Over the next few months, we’ll work closely with firms like yours to understand your workflow management needs. With this insight and feedback, we’ll build features and functions that work seamlessly with your business. We’re just getting started, so be on the lookout for exciting developments throughout the year.