Natural Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond Ring

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A spectacular Natural Fancy Vivid yellow diamond takes center stage in this elegant ring. Weighing 5.16 carats, this incredible gem exhibits the deepest yellow hue, which is beautifully showcased by its exquisite Asscher cut and complemented by two trapezoid-cut white diamonds weighing .40 total carats. This GIA-certified diamond also boasts VVSI clarity, making it one of the most remarkable and nearly flawless yellow diamonds on the market today. Set in 18K yellow gold and platinum.

Often called canary diamonds, Natural Fancy Vivid yellow diamonds are the rarest and most intense yellow diamonds to be found. Exhibiting a fiery brilliance, this incredible stone exemplifies all the best qualities of this special grading.


The famed Asscher cut, patented by Joseph Asscher in 1902, was inspired by the elegant table cuts of the Renaissance. Asscher is perhaps most famous for the work he performed on the Cullinan diamond, the largest diamond in history. Entrusted by King Edward VII, Joseph Asscher divided the 3,205 carat-Cullinan diamond into three stones. The stones, all flawless, are now part of the British regalia and are a main attraction of the Crown Jewels in the Tower of London. Asscher cut diamonds exhibit more fire, light and charm than most cuts and are truly spectacular.

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