Digital Monolith 255

This video is part of the Digital Monoliths series. Unique blocks that abstractly represent the digital world, data and exchanges of information. They are very mysterious. It is not known who built them and why: humans, beings from other planets or other unknown entities? What are? Are they made to represent something or are they altars dedicated to who knows what unknown divinity? Many questions and no answers. Mp4 1920*1080 with audio. 2D animation made in Pixelart.
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MP4 Digital Video
1080 x 1920
Artwork CID: QmPS7wuE91d1D53UCw8FufuQzhyVbD7weFYPwPv6vJUrac
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Living somewhere on a clod, poised between the tangibible and the digital. Fabiano Speziari was born in 1977. After graduating in design, he began working as an industrial technical designer and artist, experimenting with different materials and techniques, having a single guiding philosophy: to investigate the human soul, its relationship with nature and the environment that surrounds it. The human being who, naturally, is led to ask questions about that which surrounds them, but who often does not know how to respond, and eventually finds themselves with more questions than answers. From these thoughts have come various works over the years. Initially they were trees and natural forms done on canvas, or small, strange animals made of resin. He subsequently devoted himself for some years to land art and installations in nature, before moving on to using light and defined geometric forms. He began creating the “Message in a pencil” series, large bright pencils that convey messages. At the same time he developed the idea of agglomerates, housing modules that represent the home and human life relegated to an urban and standardised environment, giving life to paintings and luminous sculptures. Since 2018 he has been interested in the nascent world of cryptoart and begins to experiment with digital art. To date she is actively working in this world with a project called Clods. A series of small clods of earth, the only remaining parts of the planet that was destroyed, on which the survivors try to rebuild an existence. Still and animated images, in which dystopian and irony are mixed.