Nygilia, 2022
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Eos Fuchsia

We are born from the ideas of beauty and bliss. An angelic garden intertwined at love's first sight. Riding through the galaxy with a glow in your eyes. I still remember the song we sang that night.
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Nygilia is an Afro-Fantasy Abstractionist that specializes in blending 2D & 3D styles into experimental visuals. She uses Virtual Reality and combines it with illustration, photography, and animation. Her NFT art embodies the inspiration of Afrofuturism by reflecting abstraction and fantasy. As she creates her art, storytelling is a big factor. Nygilia uses her experience from playing video games, such as series like "Final Fantasy" and "Legend of Zelda", to heighten the depth of character design. Nygilia's love for African and Asian Art is very much relevant to her craft.

Exhibition Notes

Eos Fuschia is an exclusive posthumanistic identity with fashion, AI, and digital experimentation. As part of the fantasyfuturegyal creations, each one reflects this surreal escape of time and nature.

The meaning of “Eos” comes from the greek goddess of dawn. Showcasing the rise of day and flashing colors like an aurora in the sky. Inspired by pyreflies from Final Fantasy X, every from of life holds feelings and emotional memories. All expressed through immersion and abstraction.

As spoken at NFT NYC 2022, my vision is to continue this genre of afro-fantasy. A fuzed style between futurism and dream-like imagination.

NFTs in VR Art: Afro-Fantasy - Talk at NFT.NYC 2022


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