Find Your Wings
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Find Your Wings

Chapter 9: Boys Don't Cry, They Just Hold It In. Creating this piece the lyrics from one of my favorite J Cole songs came to mind “Too many times I swallow my pride, I’m cracking a smile, I’m dying inside, my demons are close, I’m trying to hide, I’m popping a pill, I’m feeling alive”. I resonated with this and created coping mechanisms that were effective for my particular circumstance. The man in the mirror smiled back and was not a demon that belittled me.
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The pictorial and surreal universe of a Zimbabwean afro- surrealist and afrofuturist artist, investigates the themes of African and Greek mythology, enabling viewers to envision new realities and conceptualize a transcendent future. Best known for producing surrealist digital collages with music and animation, intertwining mythological tales and historical references to render mystical dreamscapes, Vintagemozart reifies an immersive experience and the evocative power of digital art.


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