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Water Mill Houses

Country House by 1100 Architect in Water Mill, NY

For a private residence in Water Mill, 1100 Architect designed the space not as a single villa set in a sprawling landscape, but, instead, as a series of discrete volumes arrayed in such a way that would highlight the unique natural landscape features found on the 15-acre property. The site, a wooded pine barrens with rolling hills, offers a range of different conditions, including the relative density of forest, topography, and ground cover. The design set out to celebrate these differences by encouraging the homeowners and their visitors to engage with the landscape by experiencing the house in sequence through the landscape, parsing living spaces into different components: a main house, guesthouse, bunkhouse, garage, and a pool house. Each was positioned and designed in such a way as to respond to both its immediate context and to the entire site.

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Photography: Peter Aaron