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Pair of Rosewood Low Sideboards by Ico Parisi
H 24.41 in. W 4 ft. 4 in. D 17.72 in.
Pair of 19th Century Baltic Side Tables
H 30 in. W 29.5 in. D 14.75 in.
19th Century Scandinavian Center Table
H 31.5 in. W 37.4 in. D 25.98 in.
A Rosewood Executive Desk by Dassi
H 29.13 in. W 6 ft. 3.6 in. D 37.4 in.
A Walnut and Onyx Console Table by Luigi Scremin
H 31.5 in. W 4 ft. 7.1 in. D 19.69 in.
A Rare Pair Of Concrete Stools By Willy Guhl
H 12.2 in. W 22.05 in. D 13.39 in.
A Rare Chest Of Drawers By Ico Parisi
H 34.65 in. W 28.74 in. D 19.29 in.
A Gilded Low Glass Table by Gaetano Borsani
H 14.37 in. W 39.76 in. D 22.05 in.
An Important Rosewood Secretary By Paolo Buffa
H 46.06 in. W 33.46 in. D 13.98 in.
A Module I Light Fixture from the Palace of the Republic Berlin
H 40.94 in. W 8 ft. 7.9 in. D 6 ft. 9.9 in.
A cut and etched mirror by Paolo Buffa
H 31.5 in. W 26.77 in. D 1.97 in.
A Parchment Secretaire By Gio Ponti
H 36.22 in. W 43.31 in. D 15.35 in.
A rare dining table by Luisa & Ico Parisi for MIM
H 29.53 in. W 5 ft. 10.9 in. D 35.43 in.
A Rosewood Side Table By Paolo Buffa
H 26.75 in. W 27.75 in. D 17.75 in.
A "Rampa" multi-functional unit by A. & P. G. Castiglioni
H 4 ft. 2.8 in. W 40.16 in. D 35.43 in.
A pair of side chairs by Lajos Kozma
H 38.58 in. W 17.91 in. D 20.08 in.
A bar and secretary sideboard by Paolo Buffa
H 4 ft. 5.9 in. W 6 ft. D 14.96 in.
A game table by Paolo Buffa
H 30.31 in. W 31.89 in. D 31.89 in.
An important "Camilla" arm chair by Carlo Pagano
H 33.5 in. W 22.25 in. D 30.5 in.
A pair of Cassina 856 lounge chairs by Ico Parisi
H 28.35 in. W 27.56 in. D 25.98 in.