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Anuj Mumbai Drop Earrings
W 0.63 in. D 0.43 in.
Szor Collections
Opal and Diamond 'Fire and Ice' Ring
H 0.39 in. W 0 in. Dm 0.79 in.
Szor Collections
Enamel Diamond Band Ring
H 0.94 in. W 0.84 in. D 0.21 in. Dm 0.84 in.
Friedrich Boutique
Sapphire Diamond Cluster Ring
H 0.89 in. W 0.79 in. D 0.22 in. Dm 0.85 in.
Friedrich Boutique
Friedrich Pink Sapphire Diamond Cluster Ring
H 0.96 in. W 0.35 in. D 0.35 in. Dm 0.83 in.
Friedrich Boutique