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Georgian Gessoed Mirror
H 5 ft. W 37.25 in.
Gerald Bland Inc
Large Impressive Tramp Art Mirror
H 33 in. W 36.5 in. D 4 in.
Clifford A. Wallach Tramp Art, Folk Art & Americana
Irish George III Oval Mirror
H 30.12 in. W 20.08 in.
Ronald Phillips
Louis XV Style Giltwood Mirror
H 36 in. W 21 in. D 4.25 in.
Daniel Stein Antiques
Large Oval Top Mirror
H 5 ft. 2 in. W 29 in.
Venetian Mirror
H 44 in. W 24.5 in. D 1.5 in.
Very Good Baroque Venetian Antique Mirror
H 4 ft. 0.5 in. W 32.5 in. D 4 in.
Gottlieb Gallery
Large 1940s Italian Mirror
H 40.55 in. W 42.91 in. D 1.97 in.
bent ply
1940s Italian Art Moderne Table Mirror
H 19.5 in. W 16.5 in. D 3 in.
Retro Modern
Bronze Wall Mirror by Oscar Bach
H 34.25 in. W 18.75 in.
Jon Howell Antiques and Design
George Nakashima Mirror
H 43.5 in. W 4 ft. 4 in. D 5 in.
18th Century Italian Silver Leaf Mirror
H 17 in. W 21.25 in. D 2.5 in.
Trilogy Antiques + Design
Nickel Framed Mirror
H 33 in. W 23 in. D 1 in.
Italian Brass Framed Mirror
H 36 in. W 42 in. D 2.5 in.
Alexander Millen Gallery
Gigantic Art Deco Vintage Mirror
H 39 in. W 4 ft. 11 in. D 1 in.
Pineapple Wall Mirror
H 0.5 in. Dm 12 in.
Neil Small Large Mirror
H 4 ft. 11 in. W 35 in. D 3 in.
Areaid Inc
Art Nouveau Wall Mirror
H 20 in. W 10 in. D 4 in.
Alexander Millen Gallery
American Classical Giltwood Pier Mirror
H 46.75 in. W 25.5 in. D 3 in.
Anthony Baratta
Large-Scale Queen Anne Lacquer Mirror
H 4 ft. 8.7 in. W 24.02 in.
Tarquin Bilgen Antiques
Italian Wavy Brass Mirror
H 36 in. W 28.5 in. D 1.5 in.
19th Century Picture Frame Mirror
H 45.67 in. W 25.59 in.
Appley Hoare
Tall Important Old World Mirror
H 9 ft. 1 in. W 4 ft. 6 in. D 4 in.
Paul Frankl Mirror
H 45 in. W 39 in. D 1 in.
19th Century English Round Gesso Mirror
H 42 in. W 27.5 in. D 3 in.
Villa Melrose
Big Convex Mirror
H 1.57 in. Dm 4 ft. 0.4 in.
Brice Berard
Art Deco French Bronze and Brass Mirror
H 43 in. W 30.5 in. D 1 in.
Fernworks Antiques
19th Century Mahogany and Gilt Queen Anne Mirror
H 4 ft. 8.3 in. W 25.5 in. D 1.25 in.
George Davis Antiques & Interiors
Italian Rosewood Mirror
H 25 in. W 25 in. D 2.5 in.
Stellar Union
English Chippendale Mirror, circa 1870
H 25.5 in. W 16.25 in. D 1 in.
Antiques on Old Plank Road
18th Century Louis XVI Mirror
H 5 ft. 8 in. W 40.25 in. D 4 in.
Jacqueline Adams Antiques
Antiqued Venetian Mirror with Pieced Border
H 4 ft. 2 in. W 33 in. D 1.5 in.
Timothy Corrigan Antiques
19th Century Picture Frame Mirror
H 45.28 in. W 25.98 in.
Appley Hoare
Neal Small Slopes Mirror
H 42 in. W 30 in.
Barbarella Home
Vintage Bamboo Round Mirror
H 40 in. Dm 36 in.
Gustavo Olivieri Antiques- Hamptons
Antique Mirror Sconces
H 14.5 in. W 14 in. D 4 in.
Moss Antiques
1970s Daisy Mirror Attributed to Jere Curtis
H 22.83 in. W 13.78 in. D 1.18 in.
Pair of Gold Gilt Oval Mirrors
H 39.25 in. W 24 in. D 4 in.
Copper and Aluminum Mirror by Autumn Guild
H 42.75 in. W 29 in. D 12 in.
Large White Painted Rustic Mirror
H 47 in. W 33 in. D 4 in.
Nickey Kehoe
Greek Key Mirror
H 48 in. W 38 in. D 1.5 in.
Door Number 3
18th Century Italian Gilt Carved Wood Mirror
H 4 ft. 2 in. W 30 in. D 2.5 in.
Spalding Antiques & Interiors
Beautiful Louis XVI Period Mirror
H 5 ft. 3.4 in. W 31.69 in. D 2.17 in.
Philippe Colangelo Antiquites Paris
Indian Inlaid Bone Mirror
H 36 in. W 22 in.
Liza Sherman
Pair of Italian Gilt Iron Mirrors
H 38 in. W 28 in. D 1.25 in.
Lewis Trimble
Victorian Cast Iron Hall Stand
H 7 ft. 4.2 in. W 4 ft. 4.2 in. D 16.93 in.
Monumental French Mirror
H 7 ft. W 4 ft. 10 in. D 5 in.
Mill House Antiques
Venitian Mirror with Hard Stones, Micro Mosaic
H 18.5 in. W 11.81 in. D 1.97 in.
ABC Pascal
Italian Coquille Mirror
H 4 ft. 6.8 in. W 34.25 in. D 5 in.
Kristen Buckingham
Swedish Mirror
H 4 ft. 0.5 in. W 24 in. D 3 in.
Ann Koerner Antiques
Fine Swedish Mirror
H 5 ft. 4.5 in. W 28 in. D 3 in.
Ann Koerner Antiques
Carved Giltwood Mirror
H 30 in. W 27 in.
Susan Wheeler Home
Danish Wenge and Teak Cheval Dressing Mirror
H 5 ft. 9 in. W 31.75 in. D 25 in.
Pegboard Modern
Swedish Mirror
H 4 ft. 5 in. W 23.5 in. D 3 in.
Ann Koerner Antiques
Brass Italian Mirror, 1960s
H 35.5 in. W 20 in. D 1.5 in.
Fretwork Mirror
H 23.5 in. W 33.5 in.
Joseph Anfuso 20th Century Design
19th Century French Mirror in the Rococo Manner
H 4 ft. 10 in. W 36.5 in. D 3 in.
LVS Decorative Arts