A Period Banjo Clock, Stenciled With Reverse Painted Glasses

A handsome patent time piece with stenciled frames, Simon Willard & Son, Roxbury, Mass, dated 1827.

This terrific banjo clock features black painted half-round molded frames with gilt oak leaf stencil decoration. The dial of this clock has a ghost signature that reads, "S. Willard & Son". A ghost signature occurs when the original signature deteriorates or oxidizes and is lost, leaving behind a white silhouette or ghost. The majority of banjo clocks with stenciled frames were produced in Boston by Simon Willard & Son between 1823-1828. These frames each contain the original handsome patriotic gilt and reverse painted glass tablets. The throat glass has a foliate scroll above an American eagle with flags and trophies of war, all on a white ground. The throat glass has a rare date mark of "1827" inscribed on the back by the artist. The lower glass is decorated with a war frigate flying the American flag within a gilt oval on a white ground.