Amber Interiors

Amber Lewis wants to put clients at ease,  deploying natural materials, breezy Belgian linen, comfortably weathered woods and ethnic fabrics — all redolent with texture and set against pristine white walls.

All photos by Tessa Neustadt

Faraway places swim in and out of the imagination on a visit to this Malibu kitchen, the work of L.A.-based Amber Interiors. Maybe it’s the French limestone flooring from Exquisite Surfaces, the English-style oak cabinetry, the vintage oriental carpet or the copper over-counter lanterns from Ann Morris, which have a Greek taverna vibe. Choose your transporting detail — each somehow magnifies the others, complementing rather than competing. “I wouldn’t say there is necessarily one standout feature,” Amber Lewis explains. “But the mix of natural materials and the earthy tones give this kitchen a cozy feel, even though the room is quite grand.”

“We sourced beautiful reclaimed Gris Catalan limestone for the flooring, in order to give the room a bit of a ‘been there forever’ rustic farmhouse feel,” says Amber Lewis. “It’s one of my favorite elements, and it pairs perfectly with the Calacatta marble countertops.”


Key design move?

“We wanted this kitchen to be a gathering place for my clients and their family. It’s very much an indoor-outdoor home by the beach, so we wanted it to feel bright yet cozy, modern yet traditional.”

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