Welcome to the 2023 edition of the 1stDibs 50,

in which we once again shine a spotlight on a select group of interior designers and architects who are passionate about their work and endlessly inspired by the furniture, art and objects they use throughout their projects. As they all well know, these beautiful things — whether humble or haute, quirky or charismatic, historic or future icons — are the raw material that gives rooms life and enhances the lives of those lucky enough to inhabit them. (Or visit them virtually, as we do here.)


Regardless of where they’re based or their preferred style (or styles), each of the 50 designers in this year’s 1stDibs 50 cohort creates spaces that are artful, smart and full of heart. “When you love every single thing in a room, there is nothing that won’t work,” says Adam Charlap Hyman, of Charlap Hyman & Herrero, whose own New York City living room made this year’s list and features a 1972 Klaus Uredat modular sofa, a 1969 Nicola L. l’Oeil floor lamp and a 17th-century Aubusson tapestry. It’s that kind of daring, arms-wide-open love that makes the work of all the 1stDibs 50 honorees so worthy of celebration.


Anthony Barzilay Freund
Editorial Director, 1stDibs

Explore each of our honorees' rich profiles, and see the extraordinary rooms that embody their unique design perspectives.

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