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Lumi Chandelier
Pineapple Chandelier, circa 1940
Philip Thomas
Pair of Exceptional 1940s Bronze Sconces
Empire Prestige Galerie
Pair of Travertine Philippe Barbier Lamps
FLAIR Florence
Reggiani Sculptural Floor Lamp
Three-Arm Floor Lamp by Stilnovo
Bernard Rooke Ceramic Floor Lamp
Paris Underground
Mazzega Glass Chandelier, 1960s
Firma London - FLOSAN GMBH
Sconces by Stilnovo, Stamped
Saint-Germain Antiques
Pair of Gilt Bronze Sconces by Baguès
Maison Gerard
1940s Art Deco Table Lamp
Valerie Wade
Paavo Tynell Pendant Lamp
Barovier Murano Chandelier
Thomas Bonzom
Barovier Murano Fountain Chandelier
Thomas Bonzom
Fontana Arte Chandelier
Casati Gallery
Large Italian Mid-Century Chandelier
Kerson Gallery
Pair of Early Paavo Tynell Sconces
Machine Age Gilt Lamps
ROARK modern, inc.
Rare Floor Lamp by Giuseppe Ostuni for Oluce, Italy, 1950s
Pair of Mid-Century French Sconces
Bourgeois Boheme
Pair of Chandeliers by Tomaso Buzzi
88 Gallery Paris
Set of Eight Starburst Wall Lights
Philip Thomas
Pair of Italian 1930s Alabaster Lamps
R. Louis Bofferding Decorative and Fine Art
French Art Deco Ceiling Lamp
Gilbert Watrous MOMA Lamp
Zigzag Modern
Arc Floor lamp in Brass by Florian Schulz
Arredoluce One-Arm Floor Lamp
PCH Modern
Poliarte Wall Lights
Paola Bazzoli
Vintage French Solid Brass Sconces
Antiques on Old Plank Road
Italian Chandelier, circa 1950
Philip Thomas
Grande Zaza Table Lamp
Twenty First Gallery
Ignazio Gardella LP 12A Wall Sconces
Casati Gallery
Pair of Venini Wall Lights
Valerie Wade
Glass Venini Chandelier, 1960s
Firma London - FLOSAN GMBH
Reggiani Torchiere Floor Lamp
Reform Gallery
Bronze Table Lamps
Custom Monumental Column Floor Lamps
Kirk Albert  Vintage  Furnishings
1970s Kalmar Ice Chandelier