The 1stdibs Promise

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We know buying unique items online requires trust, that’s why we offer industry-leading services and support, to ensure you’re satisfied with every purchase. Now you can shop the world’s most iconic pieces and signature works with more confidence than ever.

We only offer pieces from thoroughly vetted, professional sellers at their guaranteed lowest prices. And as long as you order on the 1stdibs secure checkout, your shipment will be fully insured and arrive as described, anywhere on earth.

In the unlikely event you make a purchase through our secure checkout and receive an item that is significantly not as described or has been damaged in transit, we want to make it right (see details below). Please contact us within 7 days of receiving your item to let us know there is a problem, and we will work with you and the seller to reach the best possible resolution, whether that be arranging a return, a full refund, or a repair with a trusted restorer.

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Vetted, Professional Sellers

Only sellers who meet the strictest quality standards

Lowest Price Guaranteed

Find a lower price from the seller, we'll match it

Secure Online Transactions

Safe and secure payment through our checkout process

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Fully insured deliveries around the world

Buyer Protection

If an item doesn’t arrive as described, we’ll make it right

Dedicated Customer Support

Timely answers to all your questions from our support specialists

Lowest Price Guarantee

We take pride in our assurance that every seller on 1stdibs offers their lowest prices on our site. If you see a seller listing an item for less somewhere else, let us know and we’ll match it. Know the details:
  • The lowest price guarantee only applies to offers in writing by the same seller for the exact same item. Please note, 1stdibs will determine the validity of the written price provided and whether it qualifies for price matching
  • To qualify, contact our Customer Support team and present the written offer in advance of your purchase, or within 7 days of submitting your order
  • We will deduct up to $5,000 per item from the price advertised on 1stdibs to match the seller’s written offer
  • 1stdibs reserves the right to update or modify the terms of this guarantee at any time
  • For more information on our Price Matching guarantee, contact us.

Buyer Protection

If your purchase doesn’t arrive as described, we want to make it right. But to qualify for assistance your purchase must meet the following criteria:
  • The order was placed online through our secure checkout
  • The item was significantly not as described, damaged in transit or never arrived
  • You reported the issue within 7 days of delivery date (or within 180 days of the purchase date if the item never arrived)

Buyer Protection does not apply if:

  • You are returning an accurately described item, outside of the seller’s stated return policy
  • You elected to arrange your own shipping or pick the item up in person, and the item was damaged at pickup or during shipping
  • You purchased the item directly from the seller (e.g. in store) without using our secure checkout

For more detailed examples pertaining to buyer protection eligibility, please visit our support center.