The 14 Most Iconic Watches for Women

Style, craft and heritage combine to make these designs undeniable classics.

Fred Rigby’s Modular Seating Can Be Configured in So Many Handy Ways

The plush Cove Slipper 2.5 Seater sofa is just one of many convenient combinations from the London-based maker.

Neutral Isn’t Merely ‘Nice’ in These 9 Knock-Out Rooms

There is a timeless chic in the range of neutral tones, a downplayed opulence that forces the senses into action. The irony of understatement is that it pushes the eye toward the finer details — the surfaces, the materials, the glimmers of gilt — and can make a space feel bolder and more alive.

This Chic Abstract Bracelet Is by the Father of Modernist Jewelry

Mid-20th-century designer Andrew Grima upended tradition with his avant-garde aesthetic.
After: Azoulay chose to reupholster them in a fringed linen blend.

Should You Reupholster Your Antique Furniture?

Absolutely, says a design dealer known for his stunning transformations of old furniture with new fabric.

This Photo of the Salton Sea Captures a Serene Moment Amid an Environmental Disaster

Addison Jones shares how she got this gorgeous minimalist shot while immersed in the stink of dead fish.
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How Hollywood Legends Made Cabochon Jewels the Height of Glamour

They’re polished, intense and enthralling, like the screen sirens who wore them.

This Chubby-Chic Quilted Stool Stands on Its Own Two Feet

Sam Klemick's cool stool is edgy, cozy and environmentally sustainable all at once.

A Pair of Monumental Stone Tigers Protect and Guide Wandering Souls

The Qing dynasty beasts honored the dead and warned off malicious spirits.

How to Spot a Fake Rolex: 13+ Expert Tips

Learn the devious techniques that counterfeiters use to sell inauthentic pieces at authentic prices. Of course, you don't have to worry about that on 1stDibs, where every seller of Rolex watches is highly vetted.
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