The Moon Is Trending in Art and Design, but It’s More Than Just a Phase

23 Modern British Interiors

These stunning spaces prove that Londoners' style extends beyond the sartorial.

14 Dream Closets

Clothes and shoes are often hidden away in less-than-luxurious spaces, but in these gorgeous closets, it's not just the wardrobes that shine.

Fashionable Quiz: Jean-Paul Gaultier

How to Design a Museum of Broken Relationships

For a space dedicated to the remnants of failed romances, Los Angeles–based Brown Design Group created a surprisingly warm, welcoming environment.

All photos by Matt Wier

Along with teddy bears, love letters and books, a curious new museum in Hollywood includes a piñata, a meat smoker and a street sign. Opened in June, the Museum of Broken Relationships is composed of anonymously donated objects, and their accompanying stories, of lost love.

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12 Fabulous Flagship Stores

The lavish interiors of some of the world's top luxury houses — among them Fendi, Alexander McQueen and de Grisogono — show how beautiful design extends beyond the products on their shelves.



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Fashionable Quiz: Elsa Schiaparelli

Studio Roeper Crafts California Furniture with a German Accent

In his San Francisco workshop, Florian Roeper combines the natural contours of rough-hewn timber with the Hollywood glamour of brushed bronze.

February Birthstone: Amethyst

Why did the ancient Greeks and Romans believe this wine-colored quartz would keep them from getting drunk?

There are few gemstones in the world that are both affordable and worthy of a duchess’s attention. But then not many stones are as beautiful as amethyst. February’s birthstone has many unique attributes, even, as the legend goes, the ability to prevent you from getting sloshed.

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Indagare’s 5 Luxe Honeymoons for Every Type of Bride — and Rings to Match

See the most sublime destinations and engagement rings to fit any bride's personality, whether she's minimalist, outdoorsy, bohemian, anglophile or simply old-fashioned.

The manor house of Singita Sasakwa Lodge, in Tanzania’s Grumeti Reserves, offers honeymooners a chic place to rest between safari outings. Photo courtesy of Singita Sasakwa Lodge

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