Tour the Boho-Chic Bungalow of Studio Hus’s Tatum Kendrick

The interior designer shows us around her wonderfully eclectic house in Los Angeles.

Step Inside 5 Rooms Created by Delphine and Reed Krakoff

The creative husband-and-wife team share the inside scoop on some of the remarkable spaces within their houses from around the world.

High Fashion for the Most Extreme Places on Earth (and Beyond)

There's a stylish garment for anywhere in the universe.

Holiday House London Spans Two Breathtaking Properties

We take you on a walkthrough of first-ever London edition of the showhouse, where 25 noted interior designers go for the gusto.

15 Cozy Nap Nooks

Curling up with a good book in a comfy spot inevitably leads to a little shuteye.
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5 Standout Contemporary Mirrors (and How to Decorate with Them)

Leading talents tell us what goes into their mirrored creations and where to put them on a wall.

Victorian Jewelry: Unpacking the History

The reign of Queen Victoria encapsulates a quickly evolving period of history — and jewelry styles were no exception.

21 Incredible New York City Townhouses

Space is the ultimate luxury in this bustling metropolis, so these homes' elegant architectural details and interiors are just added attractions.

7 Tips for Artfully Mismatching Your Dining Chairs

Designers share their tips for mixing and matching seats around the dining table.
victorian engagement ring

How to Buy a Vintage or Antique Engagement Ring

Will your beloved be enchanted by an Edwardian ring or a trendy Art Deco piece? We clue you into period styles and tips for finding the perfect ring.
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