6 Architectural Masterpieces That You Can Rent for a Vacation

Want to sleep in a house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright or Peter Zumthor? The website Plans Matter lets you reserve vacation homes that you'd normally only read about in architecture books.

How to Spot a Fake Chanel Bag

Is that Chanel purse the real deal? Here's how you can tell.

17 Industrial-Style Interiors

This spare, utilitarian look might be rooted in factories of yesteryear, but it appeals to a modern aesthetic.
Kanye West David LaChapelle

Photographer to Know: David LaChapelle

The artist’s escapist fantasias have deep origins.

17 Designer Tips for Styling a Dreamy Nightstand

Consider how to get your bedside table just right. After all, it’s often the first thing you see in the morning and the last thing you see at night.
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What Are the “4 Cs” of Grading Diamonds?

Read our primer on how jewelers rate the value and quality of diamonds. With these precious gemstones, it's not all about size.

Step Inside 17 Interior Designers’ Extraordinary Homes

When you spend your days creating beautiful spaces for other people, how do you build a nest that embodies your personal style? See how top designers live, and get inspired by their exquisite abodes.

5 Danny Meyer Restaurants with Notable Decor (Shake Shack Is One)

The affable restaurateur has built an empire of eateries that now reaches beyond his base of New York City. The food has been receiving rave reviews for decades, but the interior design is an equally important part of the Danny Meyer dining experience.

How to Spot a Real (or Fake) Gucci Bag

It's important to know whether the Gucci bag you're holding is an authentic Italian luxury item or a cheap knockoff. Read our tips to find out more.

Suzanne Tucker’s Tips for Creating a Fabulous Dressing Room

The San Francisco designer shares her pearls of wisdom for fashioning a dazzling space to get dressed for any occasion.
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