16 Rooms with Global Finesse

From bohemian to exotic, these spaces reflect a worldly perspective and well-stamped passport.

How to Use Pink in Your Home

Interior designer Sasha Bikoff offers tips on working with this trendy blush tone.

Photo by Nicole Cohen/Patrick Cline

With a background in art history, an eye for whimsical interiors and the city’s infinite inspiration coursing through her veins, New York–based Sasha Bikoff says that her interior design philosophy is to make rooms that are like “a breath of fresh air.” She counts as major sources of influence Studio 54, a Salvador Dalí–filled 1930s Left Bank apartment, nature and the Russian Rococo Palladian aesthetic. Her interiors are definitely “a mash-up of inspiration,” as she puts it, the result of which are spaces that feel as sophisticated as they do playful.

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Mary McDonald’s Home Decor Shopping Tips

The vivacious Los Angeles–based designer shares her current decorating likes and dislikes — plus advice on how to buy home furnishings.

Mary McDonald shopping in Los Angeles’sLa Cienega Design Quarter. Photo by Manfredi Gioacchini

What’s trending with clients:

“Most people are wanting to be cool and modern, even the traditionalists, so mid-century-inspired seating along the lines of Vladimir Kagan or Gigi Radice, as well as organic stone and crystal tables and lighting.”

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April’s Most Popular Posts from Instagram

See which rooms our followers have deemed the best of the best this month.

Color and light are key this month. Whether it’s bold, tribal art in a breezy foyer, jewel-toned abstract painting offsetting 18th-century London interiors or a sun-drenched soaking area in a green Florida bathroom, our 1stdibs Instagram followers have spoken out on which photos are their favorites.

A renovated Victorian townhouse in San Francisco by @vaughnmillerstudio. Photo by Brianne Williams

A post shared by 1stdibs (@1stdibs) on

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Julia Buckingham Shares How to Decorate with “Modernique” Style

“On our upstairs landing, fashion references play happily with antiques and organic elements,” Julia Buckingham writes of her Chicago home in Modernique. “A massive gilded frame gives this contemporary canvas greater significance.” Photo by Eric Hausman

With roots in fashion and antiques, interior designer Julia Buckingham, of the Chicago firm Buckingham Interiors + Design, defines her style as “modernique.” Through this trademarked blend of modern and vintage, she boldly mixes styles, periods, color, patterns, textures and some bling. Recently released and taking the same name, her debut book, Modernique (Abrams) invites readers to take risks and have fun doing it.

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The Architect of Studio 54 on the Notorious Nightclub’s 40th Birthday

Scott Bromley talks about shag carpet’s effects on the knees, how disco dancing feels like “flying” and why kids today love the 1970s.

The dance floor of Studio 54. Photo courtesy of Bromley Caldari

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1stdibs Celebrates Edie Parker’s Home Collection with the Ultimate Dinner Party

Edie Parker founder Brett Heyman with 1stdibs’ CEO David Rosenblatt and senior vice president of dealer relations Cristina Miller. All photos by Zach Hilty/BFA.com

In 2010, when accessories designer Brett Heyman launched her own label, Edie Parker, the brand’s vintage-inspired acrylic clutches became instantly coveted the world over. So much so that you have to wonder what A-lister doesn’t have one her closet (Katy Perry, Chrissy Teigen and Gwyneth Paltrow are regularly spotted with one in their hands, and that’s just to name a few).

Still, Heyman had her sights on much more and has recently been expanded her business, with her first retail store on Madison Avenue and a line of home accessories she launched last year, which compliments her signature colorful clutches. The designer has also now partnered with 1stdibs to offer up exclusive Edie Parker pieces, including everything from clutches to refurbished vintage trays that Heyman customized.

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Which Neutral Hue Best Suits You?

When it comes to color preference, opinions about neutrals are as fiercely debated as they are on primary hues. Learn why you gravitate toward beige, gray, brown, black or white in your decor.

Emily Summers Studio stuck to a palette of crisp neutrals to keep the focus on the circular design of this Colorado Springs, Colorado, vacation home (photo by Laura Wilson)

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Carat vs. Karat: What’s the Difference?

As any jewelry expert can tell you, there is a big difference between a karat and a carat. Oppi Untracht’s guide Jewelry: Concepts and Technology, which is the equivalent of a bible for jewelers, explains that carat is the unit of weight measurement for precious stones, and karat is used to describe the proportion of gold content to that of alloying metals in a particular alloy. (The other carrot is a root vegetable often sold in one-pound bunches with tops.)

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18 Spaces with Stylish Shelving

A mix of open shelves and cabinets throughout the home allows you to show off books, artwork and collectibles, as well as hide a few things to create the illusion of organization. Get inspired by these rooms with smart, attractive bookcases and built-ins.

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