Matthew Williamson’s New Line May Be the Cheeriest English Furniture We’ve Seen

The British designer's colorful collaboration with Roome London screams "fantasy jungle."

ARTNOIR Curator Larry Ossei-Mensah Shares His 1stDibs Art Picks

The art-world hotshot brings his expert eye to our Black History Month collection.

Christopher Norman Is Turning the Cast-Off Urban Trees of Los Angeles into Art

With a World War II–era milling machine, the California artist crafts poetic, sculptural furniture pieces.

Tantuvi’s New Rugs Were Inspired by the Travertine Quarries of India and the Spanish Steps of Rome

The New York–based rug designers employ earthy colors and time-honored artistry in their creations.

Nazara Lázaro’s Crooked Collection Is the Anti-Judd — No Right Angles, No Symmetry

The Canary Islands–born, Berlin-based, Japanese-inspired designer makes furniture that's askew but looks oh-so right.

Holiday Shopping with Tan France

The Queer Eye star and fashion maven shows us how to shop 1stdibs with the utmost style.

12 Jewelers Who Use the Tagua Nut as an Ethical Ivory Substitute

These jewelry designers were challenged by Vogue Italia to craft pieces from the ivory palm nut, and the results are incredible.

How to Create a Photo Booth for A-List Interior Designers

At Legends in Los Angeles, Zio & Sons conceived and assembled a luxurious outdoor area where design mavens posed for photographers. Watch the video to see how it was made.

1stdibs Celebrates Edie Parker’s Home Collection with the Ultimate Dinner Party

Indagare’s 5 Luxe Honeymoons for Every Type of Bride — and Rings to Match

See the most sublime destinations and engagement rings to fit any bride's personality, whether she's minimalist, outdoorsy, bohemian, anglophile or simply old-fashioned.
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