Carpe Diem necklace

The Long-Lived Appeal of Skull Jewelry

Beloved by rockers and history buffs alike, skull jewelry has stayed relevant across centuries.
Emilio Pucci gown, Bella Campbell earrings, Trabert & Hoeffer Mauboussin centaur brooch

The Best Ways to Dress for Your Astrological Sign

Makeup and astrology expert Linda Mason dispenses fashion advice for every zodiac sign. Does your wardrobe match your horoscope?
French Enamel Diamond Gold Lapel Brooch

Everything You’d Want to Know about Enamel Jewelry

From vibrant to subtle, elegant to cheeky, enamel jewelry encompasses a wide range of colors and styles, and there are almost as many techniques for creating these distinctive pieces.
Meghan Markle engagement ring

Royal Engagement Rings: From Meghan Markle to Queen Elizabeth

Get the stories behind the British monarchy's most iconic rings, and then shop for pieces that are fit for a queen (or a duchess).
Georgian Gold Lover's Eye Pendant

Be Entranced by Intricate Georgian-Era Jewelry

From diamonds to glass, gold to iron, get to know the stories behind the materials and techniques that defined the jewelry of this era.
Workstead's recessed lighting for the Dewberry hotel in Charleston was influenced by Villa Necchi.

How Villa Necchi Campiglio Plays Muse to All Sorts of Designers

Creatives have channeled the mystique of this Milanese mansion into a variety of media.

Why Cartier and Boucheron Jewelry Ruled the Edwardian Era

Get to know the looks that defined this period of glamour and frivolity.

What to Wear to Coachella

The California music festival has become as much about the fashion as the performances, so we asked some 1stdibs dealers to share their favorite concert-friendly clothing, jewelry and accessories.
rose gold men's band ring

Are Men’s Engagement Rings the New Proposal Trend?

Engagement bling isn't just for brides-to-be anymore.

Our Guide to 15 Gemstone Cuts You Should Know

Can you spot the difference between an Asscher-cut diamond and an emerald-cut diamond? Here's how.
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