Victorian Jewelry: Unpacking the History

The reign of Queen Victoria encapsulates a quickly evolving period of history — and jewelry styles were no exception.
victorian engagement ring

How to Buy a Vintage or Antique Engagement Ring

Will your beloved be enchanted by an Edwardian ring or a trendy Art Deco piece? We clue you into period styles and tips for finding the perfect ring.

Frighteningly Beautiful Memento Mori and Mourning Jewelry

Considering your fate and honoring the dead are the messages behind these centuries-old styles.

What to Know about Black Diamonds (They’re Not All Cursed)

This mysterious gem isn't for everyone, and that's part of the appeal.

What Makes Art Nouveau Jewelry So Collectible?

The first art and design movement of the 20th century was all about celebrating beauty of women and nature.

What Are the “4 Cs” of Grading Diamonds?

Read our primer on how jewelers rate the value and quality of diamonds. With these precious gemstones, it's not all about size.

12 Jewelers Who Use the Tagua Nut as an Ethical Ivory Substitute

These jewelry designers were challenged by Vogue Italia to craft pieces from the ivory palm nut, and the results are incredible.

Why Amulet Jewelry Has Been Spellbinding Us for Millennia

Amulets were among mankind's first fashion accessories, used since prehistoric times to strengthen and protect the wearer. Their allure remains strong to this day.

Cameos: An Ancient Style Is Back in Fashion

From King Tut to Flappers, What’s behind the Look of Art Deco Jewelry

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