This Lustrous Golden South Sea Pearl Ring Is Wearable Sunshine

Centering a luminous golden South Sea pearl, this majestic piece is a hot commodity in any season.
Piaget gold nugget watch

This Piaget Gold Nugget Watch Is the Embodiment of Delicious ’70s Excess

With a tigereye dial and a most unusual bracelet, this cuff-style piece is a singular style statement.
Marilyn Monroe's rhinestone earrings

Diamonds Were Her Best Friend, but Marilyn Monroe Also Sparkled in These Rhinestone Earrings

Although positively oozing red-carpet glamour, the Hollywood legend had a penchant for costume jewelry.
heart-shaped diamond ring

Heart-Shaped Jewelry: 14 Unexpected Finds

If you love heart-shaped jewelry, this is for you. If you’re not sure about heart-shaped jewelry, this is for you, too.
diamond ring

Restore Your Sparkle: Tips for Cleaning a Diamond Ring

Keep your jewelry dazzling with these expert gem-cleaning tips from Roman Malakov Diamonds.

These David Webb Diamond Earrings Are Jenna Lyons–Approved

After the style icon wore these jewels on the red carpet, we can't blame her for wanting to keep them.

Renowned for His Mobiles, Alexander Calder Was Also Adept at Crafting Modernist Jewelry

There are no sparkling gemstones on this necklace, but its value far exceeds the cost of its materials.

NYC Jewelry Week Is Back, and Designers Are Sharing Their Favorite Gems with Us

This year’s Here We Are marketplace represents a breadth of diverse, unique perspectives — and might be its most elevated collective to date.
trio of engagement rings

Three of the Hottest Engagement Ring Styles Now

These designs are currently getting a lot of attention. But remember: Just because a look is trending doesn't mean its appeal is fleeting. Each of the styles has history, and their beauty, like true love, is everlasting.

These David Webb Bracelets Look Identical, but One Has a Secret

Surprising comfort and a hidden feature make the diamond-studded cuffs ideal for everyday wear.
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