52 Types of Chairs to Know When Decorating Your Home

Want to upgrade your home with stylish and comfortable seating? Refer to our guide on different kinds of chairs and familiarize yourself with famous designs.

The Process: 11 Makers of Exquisite Decorative Objects

From colorful blown-glass vessels to paper-wrapped vases inspired by packaging, these works make a lasting impression.

10 Interior Design Palettes Inspired by Famous Colorful Paintings

To provide you with interior inspiration, we’ve compiled chromatic schemes drawn from artistic masterworks, along with design objects that embody them.

12 Cool Clocks That Artfully Tell Time

With these exceptional timepieces, watching the hours tick by is a pleasure.

More Than Ever, the Female Design Council Is Embracing Funked-Up Creativity

The organization's "Womxn’s History Month" collection celebrates female-identified creators pushing the boundaries of technique and material.

A Guide to Persian Rugs: Patterns, Styles and Decorating Tips

We explore the history, characteristics and patterns of Persian rugs and provide tips for incorporating them in your home decor.

Matthew Williamson’s New Line May Be the Cheeriest English Furniture We’ve Seen

The British designer's colorful collaboration with Roome London screams "fantasy jungle."
art deco poster and art nouveau poster side by side

Art Deco vs. Art Nouveau: Period Features and Examples

The two styles, both prominent in early-20th-century design, are easy to distinguish if you know what to look for.
Image of a living room with a green couch and a colored artwork on the walls

The Ultimate Guide to Furniture Styles

Take a dive into the world of furniture styles, both popular ones, like modern and contemporary, and alternatives for the eclectic decorator.

A Tale of Two Sputnik Chandeliers

This pair of iconic 20th-century light fixtures with the same name have two very different backgrounds.
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