17 Designer Tips for Styling a Dreamy Nightstand

Consider how to get your bedside table just right. After all, it’s often the first thing you see in the morning and the last thing you see at night.

6 Secrets for Creating a Sexier Bedroom

If you want to ramp up the intimacy factor in your bedroom, these interior design tips are a good place to start.

10 Reasons Why Tapestries and Wall Hangings Are Cool Again

After decades spent hidden away in basement boxes, woven wall works are gaining a new following. Here are 10 recent tapestries that make us do a double-take.

Video: How to Style a Bookcase

Interior designer Tamara Eaton explains how to create balance when decorating your bookshelves.

How the Vanity Table Became This Year’s Must-Have Item

Once seen as fussy furniture relics from the past, vanities have made a big comeback. Here's why.

William Hefner Picks Furniture for an Opulent Bel Air Mansion

The architect goes shopping for 1stdibs pieces that can make a statement in this empty 60,000-square-foot West Coast Versailles.

This Is the New Bohemian Design: All the Character, Less Clutter

Pare down the jumbled textures and patterns of classic boho style, and you'll find a fresh, refined aesthetic. What's the key to achieving this new bohemian look? "Edit, edit, edit," says interior designer Kishani Perera.

Furniture Quiz: Match 12 Iconic Pieces to Their Makers

How to Work Rattan into Your Spaces in an Elevated Way

Interior designers Celerie Kemble and Angie Hranowsky dish out their advice on artfully bringing rattan furniture into the home.

How Teak Worked Its Way into Modern Design

Appreciated for its dense grain and rich luster, old-growth teak was a sought-after material among mid-century modern designers, who also pushed it to the brink of extinction.
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