Checkmate: Last Ditch Design’s Sculptural Slab Bench Does Double Duty as a Chessboard

Todd Hewitt doesn't play games when it comes to crafting cool, sustainable furniture.

These Accomplished Female Makers Have a Penchant for Offbeat Organic Designs

Daring shapes and soft curves define the impressive output of five women furniture designers around the globe — in Ireland, Ukraine, Israel, Denmark and France.
stoneware chair

Agnès Debizet’s Stoneware Chair Is a Little Bit Terrestrial, a Little Bit Fantastical

The irregularly shaped seat is inspired by morel mushrooms, woolly sheep and 18th-century wigs.

Galerie Philia Unveils Limited-Edition Designs at Giampiero Tagliaferri’s New L.A. Studio

For the exhibition “Materia Perpetua,” the gallery asked an international group of makers — including Tagliaferri — to explore the possibilities of a surprisingly versatile material: onyx.

You Don’t Need a Fictional Fairy to Get This Real Pinocchio Lamp

Warm chalet style meets cool Bauhaus functionality in Pietro Cascella’s cleverly carved creation.

The 21 Most Popular Mid-Century Modern Chairs

You know the designs, now get the stories about how they came to be.
Image of a living room with a green couch and a colored artwork on the walls

The Ultimate Guide to Furniture Styles

Whether you’re about to move in or getting ready for an interior design makeover, this comprehensive guide to furniture styles can help shape your choices. Explore classic, vintage, modern and eclectic modes to make your home a reflection of your personal tastes.

This Lavish 18th-Century Chimneypiece Comes from a Historic Scottish Estate

The exceptionally crafted mantel was saved despite the home’s regrettable demise.

The Ultimate Guide to Types of Tables for the Home

Whether you’re just moving in or ready to give your home a makeover, our guide will give you pointers on tables that are fitting for every room, nook and hallway.

Michael Coffey Stirs Emotions with Works Like His Satan’s Tongue Table

Drawing on both artistry and clever engineering, the master craftsman imbues his pieces with movement and drama.
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