5 Standout Contemporary Mirrors (and How to Decorate with Them)

Leading talents tell us what goes into their mirrored creations and where to put them on a wall.

Preview Amy Lau’s Art Nouveau Living Room for the Salon Art + Design

The interior designer's curated space mixes antiques and contemporary works that nod to the lively turn-of-the-century arts movement.

The Surprising Comeback of Fringed Furniture

From anthropomorphic stools to dazzling lights that invite you to touch them, here are seven designs updating the old-school embellishment.

September’s Most Popular Posts on Instagram

Our feed is filled with the most beautiful rooms in the world. See the ones our followers have deemed the best of the best this month.

12 Jewelers Who Use the Tagua Nut as an Ethical Ivory Substitute

These jewelry designers were challenged by Vogue Italia to craft pieces from the ivory palm nut, and the results are incredible.

10 Reasons Why Tapestries and Wall Hangings Are Cool Again

After decades spent hidden away in basement boxes, woven wall works are gaining a new following. Here are 10 recent tapestries that make us do a double-take.

Why Amulet Jewelry Has Been Spellbinding Us for Millennia

Amulets were among mankind's first fashion accessories, used since prehistoric times to strengthen and protect the wearer. Their allure remains strong to this day.

How the Vanity Table Became This Year’s Must-Have Item

Once seen as fussy furniture relics from the past, vanities have made a big comeback. Here's why.

This Is the New Bohemian Design: All the Character, Less Clutter

Pare down the jumbled textures and patterns of classic boho style, and you'll find a fresh, refined aesthetic. What's the key to achieving this new bohemian look? "Edit, edit, edit," says interior designer Kishani Perera.

28 Enchanting Blue and White Rooms

This classic color combination can be both relaxing and invigorating, and in the hands of our favorite designers, it always feels fresh.
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