Matthew Williamson’s New Line May Be the Cheeriest English Furniture We’ve Seen

The British designer's colorful collaboration with Roome London screams "fantasy jungle."

The ‘Queen’s Gambit’ Costumer Shares Her Strategy for the Show’s Haute 1960s Fashions

Gabriele Binder talks us through some of the iconic designer looks that inspired Beth Harmon's coquettish style in the hit Netflix series.

Cameo Jewelry: History, Significance and Worth

Cameos are trending among celebrities and style setters. Here's a look back and what makes these little carved jewels so endearing.
a home entryway with a black door and light fixture, with white walls and colorful art

19 Best Interior Design Apps for 2021

In no particular order, the following 19 interior design apps are made for the new generation of homeowners.

The Top Interior Design Trends of 2021, According to Designers

After analyzing the results of our annual survey of designers and architects, we delve into the colors, decor, furniture and room configurations to keep an eye on in the year ahead along with examples for each.

Lover’s Eye Jewelry: This Romantic (Yet Eerie) Tradition Is Entrancing Artists Right Now

For centuries, sweethearts used this genre to gaze upon their amours from a distance. Contemporary creators are coming up with new ways to employ and understand the sentimental talisman.

How Today’s Interior Designers Are Decorating with Animal Prints

Few design elements are more glamorous than animal prints. Here, 10 interior designers demonstrate how to tastefully incorporate zebra, tiger, leopard and other wild prints into dazzling interiors.

5 of Annie Leibovitz’s Most-Discussed Photographs

10 Fashion Pieces Coveted by Collectors

Insiders weigh in on why these items are so sought-after by savvy shoppers.

Video: Gianluca Longo on His Passion for Collecting Fans

The style editor of 'British Vogue' and 'Cabana Magazine' opens up about his accumulation of handheld fans.
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