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A photograph of Bob Dylan in 1965

Photographer Jerry Schatzberg Remembers a Legendary Shoot with Bob Dylan

The acclaimed lensman and the folk-rock phenomenon clicked, and a captivating portrait followed.
Patek Philippe World Time watch

Globe Hopper? This Patek Philippe Watch Can Give You the Time in 24 Cities

A true icon of the much-coveted category of World Time watches, this rare model represents an important milestone in the history of one of the brand's signature complications.

This Lavish 18th-Century Chimneypiece Comes from a Historic Scottish Estate

The exceptionally crafted mantel was saved despite the home’s regrettable demise.

Humor Abounds in This Masterful 1788 Painting

London’s upper and lower classes mingle in artist Richard Morton Paye’s lively street scene. Mischief ensues.
Schiaparelli spider web necklace

This Schiaparelli Spiderweb Necklace Is Frightfully Alluring

It’s ideal for Halloween — or any festive occasion that calls for a dramatic statement.

Michael Coffey Stirs Emotions with Works Like His Satan’s Tongue Table

Drawing on both artistry and clever engineering, the master craftsman imbues his pieces with movement and drama.

In This Surreal Painting, the Pink Foot of Patriarchy Squashes a Pumpkin Worshipped by Women

In ‘Gourd,’ Isabel Rock creates a mythic scene that looks fresh and contemporary but feels as old as Eden.

Fred Rigby’s Modular Seating Can Be Configured in So Many Handy Ways

The plush Cove Slipper 2.5 Seater sofa is just one of many convenient combinations from the London-based maker.

This Chic Abstract Bracelet Is by the Father of Modernist Jewelry

Mid-20th-century designer Andrew Grima upended tradition with his avant-garde aesthetic.

This Photo of the Salton Sea Captures a Serene Moment Amid an Environmental Disaster

Addison Jones shares how she got this gorgeous minimalist shot while immersed in the stink of dead fish.
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