52 Types of Chairs to Know When Decorating Your Home

Want to upgrade your home with stylish and comfortable seating? Refer to our guide on different kinds of chairs and familiarize yourself with famous designs.

32 Bathrooms with Luxurious Tubs

A sumptuous soak in the bathtub is an instant stress reliever and an escape from the everyday. Step inside these gorgeous bathrooms and start dreaming about a relaxing refuge of your own.

How to Arrange Wall Art: The Complete Art Placement Guide

We provide illustrated pointers on hanging art to spice up your home decor, complete with tips from experts.

Different Types of Lighting to Enhance Your Home

Read our guide to learn about the various kinds of light fixtures, along with tips from experts on how to combine them to enliven a room.

14 Blissful Patios Made for Lounging

These outdoor areas combine the amenities of a living room with the freshness of nature.

11 Tips for Turning a Shed into the Perfect Backyard Office

Need a place to work away from home’s distractions? We’ve put together pointers and visual inspirations to help you create the ultimate outdoor study.

A Guide to Persian Rugs: Patterns, Styles and Decorating Tips

We explore the history, characteristics and patterns of Persian rugs and provide tips for incorporating them in your home decor.

11 Happy-Making Home Offices

When the decor around your desk is lighthearted, working from home can be a joy. Here, we asked designers how they create playful workspaces.

Decorating with Books: 30 Tips for Transforming Your Space

We’ve compiled stylish inspirations and designer insights to help literature lovers and book collectors alike fashion a room with their favorite reads.

How Top Designers Are Updating Paul R. Williams Homes for Today

The celebrated architect is responsible for some of the most famous buildings in Los Angeles. Here, we talk to six interior designers about how they've juggled preservation and modernization when revamping houses by Williams.
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