Get a Glimpse at One of the Most Valuable Watch Collections in the World

As the cache goes on display at London’s Design Museum, we speak to its enigmatic owner about some of his rarest acquisitions.

A Mini Romance Plays Out on the Dial of This Van Cleef and Arpels Watch

The tiny lovers inch closer together by the hour and minute until they finally embrace on a world-famous bridge.

15 Scintillating Jewelry Watches to Elevate Your Holiday Style

Watchmakers have tucked their movements into all manner of precious baubles, from lapel pins to cocktail rings. The result is dazzling, wearable art that will get you to the party on time.

You Won’t Find a More Handsome Stopwatch Than This 1890s Pocket Chronograph

A Grand Complication from the golden era of pocket watches, the Marius Lecoultre pocket watch does everything but uncork your wine.
beyonce watch

Dimepiece’s Brynn Wallner Tells Us about the Watches Celebs Should Wear

The millennial watch expert chooses the ideal timepieces for some of her favorite stars.

How to Spot a Fake Patek Philippe Watch

We share experts’ tips for confirming that the Patek timepiece you’re poised to swoop in on is the real deal.
gold rolex sitting on red cushion

How To Spot a Fake Rolex: 13+ Expert Tips

Learn the devious techniques that counterfeiters use to sell inauthentic pieces at authentic prices. Of course, you don't have to worry about this on 1stDibs, where every Rolex is highly vetted.

The 6 Most Popular Brands for Luxury Watches

These companies have stood the test of time, making exceptional pieces for generations.
Paul Newman Rolex Daytona

How Paul Newman Made the Rolex Daytona the Epitome of Cool

In the early 1970s almost no one wanted Daytonas. Now Jay-Z gives them out as party favors.

The Personal Luxury Goods Market amid COVID-19

1stDibs dealers discuss the challenges of this unprecedented time, and the signs of hope.
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